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Silverlight Grid Control – Instant Feedback UI Mode

In this post, I announced the new, smooth scrolling features that will ship in the Silverlight Grid Control as part of the 2011.1 release of DXperience. While that is a great addition to our Silverlight Grid Control, I wanted to put together this post to highlight another exciting and anticipated feature coming up in the 2011.1 version of the DXGrid for Silverlight.

The Instant Feedback UI Mode is an advanced data binding mode that is very similar in concept to the DevExpress Server Mode, in that data is retrieved only in portions that are required to populate the view and data-aware operations are performed on the server. Instant Feedback Mode is, however, an asynchronous server mode. The difference lies in how the grid behaves when data is being retrieved and populated. When a user scrolls through the records in Server Mode, the grid first waits for the partial data to be fetched before populating the rows. Depending on the data source performance, the volume of data being retrieved, and the network connectivity, the user may notice a considerable control freeze. Instant Feedback Mode addresses this issue by continuing to respond to the user’s actions while the data is being retrieved. The user can continue to scroll through records, and even re-sort, re-group and re-filter the control’s data. If required, the control will cancel the previous request and initiate a new request to the data source. To provide visual feedback, the Instant Feedback binding mode also includes options to display an animation indicating the status of operations within the grid.

The following short animation demonstrates the Instant Feedback mode in action. There are over 100,000 records being retrieved from a SQL Server database and as would be expected, it requires a short amount of time to process the Grid’s requests and retrieve data. In this quick demo, you can see that data management features such as grouping are also performed on the server and take advantage of the Instant Feedback UI functionality.


Stay tuned for a video demonstrating how to implement the Instant Feedback UI Mode for the DevExpress Silverlight Grid Control.

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Steven Rasmussen

Awesome addition!  Keep up the great work!

May 4, 2011 7:21 PM

Kurt Wehrend

Fantastic, can't wait...can you give me an idea when v2011 v1 will be realeased as we are holding off on a large Silverlight project in anticipation of this release.



May 4, 2011 9:18 PM

Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

Hi Kurt,

From my understanding, we are still aiming for the 11.1 release to be available late May/early June. The R&D team have not yet provided firm release dates.

I hope this helps,


May 6, 2011 12:46 PM


Really nice work.

I have tried to find out the feature parity on Windows Forms and WPF/Silverlight platform. Do you have any document describing feature parity between these 2 platforms.

For example, search panel is available in Windows forms grid but not in WPF grid.

I like to have chart describing these features on these 2 different platforms.



May 12, 2011 8:53 AM

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