Can You Write Code Faster than this Spokesmodel?

01 November 2007

Meet Sara, a spokesmodel (not a programmer)

Sara - not a programmer

If you are going to be in Las Vegas between Nov 5-7 and want to see whether you can write code as fast and as efficienctly as Sara who has no programming experience (well, only about 6 hours of experience with Visual Studio and CodeRush), then make certain to stop by our booth (#131). The premise is simple - you get to use Visual Studio .NET and she will be using Visual Studio .NET along with CodeRush. If you can perform a set of straightforward tasks faster than she can, you get to step into our money booth and have a chance to win some serious money.

For those who are not attending DevConnections, fear not...We will be recording all of the action in our booth and broadcasting it on


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Rollie Claro


      i think it CodeRush and her killer looks is certainly a winner (kidding)

i bet CodeRush will...

2 November, 2007
Glen Germaine

"Marketing campaign designed by Mark Miller"

2 November, 2007
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Not really designed by Mark Miller - but he did not object when we mentioned it to him.

2 November, 2007

Oh my. I wasn't going to attend DevConnections but I think I'll have to make it to Vegas now... ;)

Contest sounds fun, can't wait to see the video.

2 November, 2007
Rajko Bogdanovic


Were you serious with this "meet Sara" invite?

8 November, 2007
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

I was serious - you could have not only met Sara, but you could have gone head to head and tried to out do her ...

9 November, 2007

She was super hot. The picture above doesn't even do her justice.

9 November, 2007
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Wont comment on her appearance...but the fact that she had never used a PC in her life - did not even know the purpose of CTRL + C...the fact that in 6 hours she was up and running in CodeRush and the fact that she blew away 10 guys speaks volumes about her. In one instance, she beat a seasoned developer while coding in VB and then switched to C# and still finished before he did. :-)

12 November, 2007
Alberto Cortes

Where can I download the 6 hours training video? :-)

14 November, 2007
Dennis van der Stelt

Adel Khalil wrote a post about Mark Miller's latest post on his weblog. And now I'm continuing

25 February, 2008

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