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27 March 2008

Every once in a while, we get a question that makes me say hmm....not because the question is complex or ill-conceived...just that no matter how much effort we put into repeating the same thing on our site, people make assumptions or draw conclusions based on past experiences.

The question went something like this - "Do you offer source code escrow for your components."

Of course, the answer is we do not since we ship 100% of the source code for all of our Visual Studio .NET and Delphi controls. Since we ship source, there's no need for an escrow. Smile sum up...we ship source for all our controls (though you have the option of buying non-source versions of our products if you wish to save a bit of money) and this includes the XtraReports Suite. Just because others don't ship source for their reporting tools, does not mean we don't Smile

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Ben Hayat
Ben Hayat

>>Just because others don't ship source for their reporting tools, does not mean we don't<<

Ray, I'm glad you pointed this out. Any time I talk to any new prospect or at a gathering about DX products, I have to make sure I emphasize that DX provides full source code with their products and you can see the positive reaction on their face. Seems like in .Net many companies don't provide the source and it's the norm, and perhaps it would be good idea to have that on the home page spelled out very bold and clear!


27 March, 2008
Brandon Maness
Brandon Maness

Another positive note is that compiling the source is supported, unlike some of those other competitors.

30 March, 2008

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