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22 May 2008

It's really late here and Im stealing a bit of Julian's thunder (he'll be blogging about this stuff soon), but the Lakers came back from a 20 point deficit and won the first game of the conference finals...so since Im feeling good about things, I figured Id post a couple of images of the DXGrid for WPF - to be debuted at TechEd 2008 in Orlando. 

DXGrid for WPF

Sorry about the quality of this one - I could have made it much more interesting...

DXGrid for WPF - Rotating Card


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Miha Markic - DevExpress MVP

Amazing, I can't believe. You are actually displaying a metal band cover - Nightwish? :-)

This grid will rock I guess :-)

22 May, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Damn - we've got to remove that stuff...I didn't even know it was a metal band. :-)

22 May, 2008
Dethmer Kupers

That looks great!. Even rotating cards (hopefully both sides editable?).

22 May, 2008
Geoff Davis

Very impressive... So we have Charts, Grid and wondering what next?

Good work ppl.

22 May, 2008
Robert Fuchs

Wow, absolutely great.

I can't wait until Oliver builds this stuff into XAF.

I hope he will do it at all.

22 May, 2008

Nice job, I'm looking forward to WPF!   Still trying to wrap my brains around Blend 2!

22 May, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

What's next - a few nights of decent sleep :-)

22 May, 2008

XtraSleep!  I'll take some of that! :)

22 May, 2008
Rollie Claro

Thats what im talking about!

"Sorry about the quality of this one - I could have made it much more interesting..."


can wait to get my hands to one of these!

you rock!

22 May, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


Lakers? Wassat then? Is this the thing with grown men running back-and-forth on a wooden floor?

Cheers, Julian

22 May, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Its the thing we watch and make you sit through at the wine bar :-)

22 May, 2008

You may think that being a CTO of a successful UI controls vendor like Developer Express means that you

22 May, 2008
Rob Relyea - Xamlified

My latest links about WPF (Apps, Controls, 3.5sp1 beta, HowTo, for LOB), Silverlight, XAML and URLs WPF

23 May, 2008
Nate Woolls - DevExpress MVP

Looking great guys, can't wait!

28 May, 2008

Neal, it's been almost a year, but you just made me laugh out loud at work. Nicely done. :)

18 March, 2009

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