Wizard Control by DevExpress - Gandalf in Pink and Holiday Skins

04 June 2008

Between breaks here at TechEd, I thought I'd post a couple of more images for those who've been writing to me asking about skinning support for the XtraWizard Suite, our newest WinForms control (of course, as you can imagine based on the screenshots below, skins will be supported)...

DevExpress Valentine Skin

Valentines Day Skin

DevExpress Holiday Skin

Holiday Skin 

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I look forward to this coming out in BETA to subscribers very soon!  Make sure they put an optional "HELP" button on the bottom left.

4 June, 2008
Miha Markic - DevExpress MVP

Ouch, my eyes hurt. Can you instead provide a death metal skin perhaps? :-P

4 June, 2008

beautiful.. this wizard suite is proof positive that we can impact decision making, and this particular new tool is greatly anticipated! But who let the Backstreet Boys into that list? ☻

4 June, 2008
Scott Woods

When do we get to see it in the Summer Skin?

4 June, 2008
Rollie Claro

bloody heart! Im in love!!!

4 June, 2008
Morten Petteroe

What about aero-wizard layout? Will you support that as well?

5 June, 2008
Alex M (DevExpress)

Yeah, Miha. The 'Septic Flesh Communion' skin will do nicely :)

5 June, 2008

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