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09 June 2008

If you've not been reading our press releases nor these blogs over the last week, you may have missed some important announcements...the biggest of which is that we plan on releasing our newest grid control, the agDataGrid for Silverlight free of charge with FULL source code. The press release we issued last week can be read here:

Iinitial product info and brief background on the product can be read here:

The word's starting to spread...Both Joe and Tim from Microsoft have blogged about it.

Help us spread the word...let the developer community know about the agDataGrid

By the way ... Azret and Jeff will be working this week to get training videos produced and published so everyone wanting to use the agDataGrid can hit the ground running.

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Renaud Bompuis
Renaud Bompuis

It's great that the agDataGreat will be realeased for free and including the source code is awesome.

It's sure to attract people.

Now, having some info about when it's going to be released would be nice.

9 June 2008
Zunanji viri

That's a Silverlight 2.0 data grid of course. They won't just ship agDataGrid for free, they'll

10 June 2008

We've now completed the minor bugfixes needed to ensure that our grid for Silverlight 2 works with

10 June 2008

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