Video: The Newest Feature of CodeRush - Code Issues

16 June 2008

Mark and Mehul sit down to discuss one of CodeRush's newest features - Code Issues.

CodeRush Features - CodeIssues

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Hans Nieuwenhuis

This 'code issues' feature is really cool! Now CodeRush doesn't only help you to be a faster programmer, it also will help you to be a better least if other people will look at my code, they will think that it has been written by a good programmer :-).

I'm using CodeRush since Delphi 5 and I've always thought that I'm using only 10% of it....this feature will no doubt help me to raise that percentage. And it will even help me to learn the new possibilities of C# 3 (when I start using that version).

16 June, 2008
Greg Munn


can some of these code issues be used in a build process similar to SourceAnalysis?  I like the idea that we could potentially write our own code issues, but have some of them validated during the build process instead of relying on individual developers to ensure that they are met.



16 June, 2008
Ben Hayat

Mark, who makes that notebook you're using?


17 June, 2008

Ben: It's made by AlienWare,

Mark: Amazing work. Thanks.

19 June, 2008
Ben Hayat

Thanks Linton; I'm looking to buy a new notebook with good and high resolution display, video card, fast cpu and 4 gig ram. Mainly for WPF and Silverlight development using VS and Blend. Any suggestion?

19 June, 2008

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