Application Themes: The DevExpress Summer Themed App Skin

17 June 2008

A few weeks ago, I posted a screenshot of the Summer Skin - Here is a more complete preview of what it will look like...Makes me want to head to the beach!

By the way, in an effort to reduce the stampede of questions - we will release the skin with DXperience v2008 vol 2.

DXperience Summer Skin

DXperience Summer Skins

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Rollie Claro

That's Totally hot! Just like under the sun!

keep it comin'

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

all you got to do is call

and i'll be there...

cant help but sing

17 June, 2008
Roman Rak


And in DXperience v2008 vol 3 is release Fall  skin ?

17 June, 2008
Neil D

The skins are great...our users love them!  Can't wait for the release :)

17 June, 2008
Robert Fuchs

> And in DXperience v2008 vol 3 is release Fall  skin ?

Vol 3 is released in winter - so a little late for a fall skin...

Though I have still hopes for a Halloween skin!

17 June, 2008
red stone

I like it!

I want it!

When I can get it?

17 June, 2008
Dirk Illenberger

Very cool. Will it also be available for VCL?

18 June, 2008
Rollie Claro

-When can i get it?

let me guess. next summer? LOL kidding

i think this is a diversionary tactic to lure us away from SilverLight Grid. hehehe kiddin'

18 June, 2008
richard morris

Winter here - I'm just getting ready for a ski trip :)

18 June, 2008
Thinking Out Loud

First and foremost, if you're using our WinForms (Windows Forms if you prefer) controls already,

2 July, 2008
Big in Japan

先週、CEOのレイが弊社開発のWindowsフォーム専用製品ラインについてブログを書きました。以下がその翻訳ですのでお読みください。 弊社の価値提案 – 弊社製品から得られるものと他社製品との比較

9 July, 2008

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