A Treeview, a Listview, a TreeList...the ASPxTreeList v2008 vol 2

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01 July 2008

Wanted to quickly preview some of the upcoming changes you can expect with the ASPxTreeList. If you are not familiar with this DevExpress ASP.NET 2 control, please visit: http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/WebForms/ASPxTreeList/  In short, the ASPxTreeList is a hybrid Treeview, List view, and TreeList control for ASP.NET.

Data Editing within the Tree

The ASPxTreeList Suite now fully supports data editing. To allow end-users to modify cell values, simply add a Command Column and display required command buttons (Edit, Insert, Delete).

Treeview, List view, TreeList Data Editing

To provide user-friendly data input, the TreeList control now ships with eight different data column types, each providing a particular cell editor - check box, spin editor, combo box, etc. These editors are controls from our ASPxEditors Library shipped with the ASPxTreeList Suite.

Edit Form Layouts

When an end-user switches to edit mode, the ASPxTreeList can use one of the following UI solutions:

  • In-line Editing

In this mode, editors are simply embedded into data cells.

  • Edit Form

When the ASPxTreeList is switched to edit mode, an edit form appears under or instead of the edited node. This form is represented by a table, which automatically arranges label-editor pairs. You can customize this table by specifying the number of its columns by changing column and row span values of individual label-editor pairs.

 ASPxTreeList Edit Form

  • Edit Form Template

It's also possible to manually construct edit forms via templates.

 ASPxTreeList Template Based Edit Form

Node Validation and Error Indication

The ASPxEditors Library implements an advanced data validation mechanism that can now be used when editing ASPxTreeList nodes. One way to use it is to enable client-side validation so that errors are immediately shown to end-users (this of course requires additional scripts to be loaded to the client).

ASPxTreeList Data Validation

Another way is to validate data on the server. Two built-in error indication options are available in this mode. You can display error icons next to the editors with invalid values and/or display the error node below the edit form.

ASPxTreeList Server Validation

Node Drag-And-Drop

End-users can now drag and drop nodes either within an ASPxTreeList, or from the ASPxTreeList to external controls. A single option needs to be changed to enable this functionality.

ASPxTreeList Node Drag and Drop 

Data Export

The ASPxTreeList Suite v2008 vol 2 support data export to PDF, RTF and XLS formats.

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