Silverlight Menu (or ToolBar) and Outlook Style Navigation Bar

09 July 2008

Our guys are going to shoot me, but I thought I'd preview what we've got in the works for Silverlight. Before I describe our Silverlight Menu-Toolbar control and the Microsoft Outlook Style Navigation Bar, I wanted to remind everyone that we've released a beta of our Silverlight DataGrid control which is available free of charge to the Silverlight developer community (to download your free copy of the AgDataGrid, visit In addition, we are hard at work on what we feel is a critical tool for serious Silverlight app development - that being the AgLayoutControl (to see it in action, visit

Onto the screenshots...Among the controls we will release for Silverlight is the AgMenu Suite. Here are some early images of the control in action, click the image to see a larger version:


Note the scroll buttons allowing you to scroll large lists within the Silverlight Menu control itself.


A 2 in 1 control, the DevExpress Silverlight Menu control will allow you to emulate a toolbar with this instance, using an Office 2007 look and feel.


Template support will be included - here we display trackbars within the drop down menu.

Now...onto the AgNavBar - as you can see it emulates the look and feel of the Office Navigation Bar...

Silverlight Navigation Bar (NavBar) by DevExpress

We have yet to nail down release dates, but once we do, we'll be sure to blog about it. By the way, so as not to feel the wrath of R&D, I’m keeping my mouth shut on a couple of the other Silverlight controls that DevExpress has in the works.

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richard morris

Nice work.  I can't wait to use it in my own stuff.

btw: The Countries list seems to be missing something obvious between Armenia and Austria ... ah got it ... Aruba.

9 July, 2008
tim binkley-jones

Is that an Outlook 2003 (and earlier) Outlook Bar or an Outlook 2007 Navigation Pane?

9 July, 2008
Geoff Davis

Looking good Ray

9 July, 2008
heather field

This is really exciting.  We cannot wait until we get our hands on these components!  Thanks for sharing.

10 July, 2008
Waqas Zahoor

WOW... i love to work on devexpress controls...

10 July, 2008
Azret Botash (DevExpress)


Office 2007 style navigation panel.

10 July, 2008

Will these controls be free like the datagrid?

10 July, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Shaggygi - they will not be free. But feel free to tell your friends that the AgDataGrid is free and will remain free. :-)

10 July, 2008
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15 July, 2008
Silverlight Noobie

Very Interesting. Have you based this on the TabControl?

13 August, 2008
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