WinForms RichEdit (RTF) Control - Oh Oh, Could it Really Be?

10 July 2008

Since Im already in the doghouse with R&D, I figured another blog about another upcoming component for WinForms cant hurt....So here it goes.

As the title of this post implies, we are hard at work on a RichText (RTF) control for WinForms. Though not yet ready for prime time, those of you who've asked about this control should be pleased to know that we are doing our very best to ready it for DXperience v2008 vol 3....due at in the final quarter of 2008.

Im certain you all know that creating a practical and effective RTF control is not a simple task. If you're like me and have had to introduce word processing type capabilities into your application, then you know what an absolute nightmare it really is...Over the years, I must have gone through a half dozen RTF controls and the scars related to the experience remain.

Opening up the RTF control "can-of-worms" will, Im certain, lead to many requests...many demands...and ultimately, the need for a mini MS Word solution. Our hope is to address as many of the needs our customers have and still retain our sanity...........

In any are the early preview screenshots of the control in action....

RichText Control (RTF) by DevExpress


RichText Control (RTF) by DevExpress

RichText Control (RTF) by DevExpress

Zooming - RichText Control (RTF) by DevExpress




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Nate Laff


10 July, 2008
Steven Rasmussen

Am I in a dream?  Pinch-Pinch... nope... this is real!!!  You don't know how long I've been waiting for this... o.k. you probably do... about 3 years.  This is GREAT news!!!  I can't wait!!!  Woo-hoo!!!

10 July, 2008
Steven Rasmussen

In my excitement I forgot to ask:  I know that you can't promise anything... but is there any way you could give maybe a brief description of what it will and won't be able to do on its initial release?  Integration with the XtraSpellChecker?  Word merge capabilites?  Import and export file types(rtf, docx)? Searching capabilities?

10 July, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Its a bit early Steven - but quite obviously spell checking is something that needs to happen. Reading MS Word files is also an important feature. In general, there's a lot to do and as you can well imagine, the list of required features is long. :)

10 July, 2008

Truly excited.

For us, we prefer a little less features at the first release - which we hope is 8.3 - but a nice toolbar that goes with it and - more importantly - integration with XAF at the same time.

Every component developped by Devexpress should be integrated upon release in XAF. All components developped by Devexpress in the past should be fully integrated by the next release.

For example, still dont understand why XtraScheduler recurrence and reminders are still not supported out of the box in the XAF. Mind boggling.

10 July, 2008

About time!!!!! :-)

11 July, 2008
Braden Powers

Thank you!  I cannot wait till this is released!

11 July, 2008

Is this just not simply FUN!  The land of DevExpress and .NET - this is so cool!

11 July, 2008
Kevin White

I'm liking the idea, merge functions will be included I hope

11 July, 2008
Geoff Davis

Yeah I agree, we been waiting for this for ages and ages and ages, erm *cough*... gotta give up the fags.

11 July, 2008
Vadim Katsman

What would be also cool is to have combo HTML / RTF editor as well as non-UI utility to convert between RTF and HTML and being able to extract plain text from both of these types of editors.

BTW, I was for some time out of WinForms: does WinForms toolset have HTML editor?

11 July, 2008

This is GREAT news!!!  I can't wait!!!

12 July, 2008
Alexander Vousvounis

What about tables? This is IMO the most important feature.

15 July, 2008
Tony (DevExpress)

We're working on tables.

17 July, 2008
Alex Danvy

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way


22 July, 2008
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24 August, 2008
Steven Rasmussen

I'm just a little eager... but... any updates on how this is coming?  Maybe you could sneek some more screen shots or give us any little updates regarding this?  This is arguably one of the most anticipated components that DevExpress will release.... :)

29 August, 2008
ChildPlus Software

We're excited about this control.  We're planning to use it to offer a mail merge feature to our users, so put us down for one vote for some way to drop a token into the document that behaves like a token rather than like a string of text.  Even without that capability, we're planning to wait for the DevExpress control.  We've looked at other RTF controls and they stink.  Based on our long history with DevExpress, we're betting yours will be first rate from version 1.  We're just about to implement your scheduler control and I'm overwhelmed by how polished and feature-rich it is.  

29 August, 2008
Thinking Out Loud

In July, I posted a few early screenshots of our WinForms RTF control and as a result, we received numerous

3 September, 2008
Joel V

We've been waiting a long time for an RTF control and we are  really excited to hear about this new control. Since we have some projects coming up where we have a strong need for this control can you provide an unofficial list of features that are currently scheduled for the next release, and specifically the support for MS Word editing you mentioned above?



10 September, 2008
Trieu Nguyen Hai

It like visual studio environment editor? Can't it?

27 October, 2008

very impressive. I've been doing researches about 2 years as an application like this. I am a big fun of devexpress.

Thanks for this features.

31 October, 2008

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