PDC 2008 - Jimmy Page Previews the Event

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23 October 2008

A short preview of our plans at PDC 2008...


If you are coming to the event, make sure to be at our booth at 7pm on Monday night - you'll be kicking yourself if you miss it.

We will have a conference room all to ourselves at the convention center, so if you would like to chat with us privately - discuss issues you want us to address - or want to share your story with the development community, please send Kevin (kevinw@devexpress.com) or I (rayn@devexpress.com) an email.


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Rory Becker - DevExpress
Rory Becker - DevExpress

I soooooo wish I could be there. sounds like its going to be one hell of an event :)

Hope all goes well for ya

23 October 2008

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