RichText (RTF) Control for Windows Forms - PDC 2008 Preview

25 October 2008

First and foremost, my apologies to those customers who are not attending PDC and are feeling a bit frustrated that we are not previewing some of our upcoming releases on video but instead at PDC. A few of you have voiced your concern to me via Email...please rest assured that we will have videotaped coverage of activities at our booth and will be publishing them on the same day just as we did at TechEd this year. In addition, we will be producing numerous introductory videos and tutorials of DXperience v2008 vol 3 prior to product launch.

Ok, with that said - perhaps one of the most anticipated product releases from Devexpress is our RTF (Rich Text) control. Tony and his team have been busting their behinds and are pushing as hard as they can to deliver the very best product they possibly can.

Here are a few images of our PDC demo application...Enjoy

Rich Text Editor with the DevExpress Ribbon Control

Rich Text Editor - Ribbon Control

RTF Control Find and Replace

RTF Control Find and Replace

RTF Control with integrated Spell Checker Control

Rich Text Control with integrated Spell Checker

P.S. If you are going to be at PDC, dont forget to be at booth 501 at 7pm on Monday night...surprises await you....

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Nate Laff

YAY! Looks great!

Mail merge?????? Please? :)

25 October, 2008
Hans Nieuwenhuis

Looks cool!

26 October, 2008
xtra travel

can it be embeded in grid, treelist etc?

26 October, 2008
Steven Rasmussen

This looks fantastic!!!  I noticed a 'Save As' button... would you care to expand on what formats will be supported?  .rtf, .pdf, .html, .docx?  Is the 'spell checking as you type' with the squigly red underline also supported?  Christmas is coming early this year!!

26 October, 2008

If this has full spellcheck support, Table design support, and can read/write HTML as well as Outlook 2007 can or better, I'll kiss you!

Oh and if it doesn't use MSHTML even better!

27 October, 2008

Can multiple controls use a common toolbar.  (to save space on a form with more than one RTF controls ).

Can it edit databound HTML?

27 October, 2008
Sigurd Decroos

Do I see 'justified' outlining as well? Something most RTF programs don't have. Superb!

HTML Is indeed a very interesting extra thing if it would be supported as well. I just hope XtraReports' RTF will support everything the RTF editor can...

27 October, 2008

Hi, Looks cool.

To be able to load and save RTF, HTML WITH print features so you can print without dialog box popups would be the best thing!!!!

28 October, 2008

Another vote here for Mailmerge!!

28 October, 2008
Eduardo Quintana

Will the DXpression 8.3 beta be available for downloading by current subscribers?

When will the 8.3 version be released?

28 October, 2008
Philip Jackson


Looks good but also needs table design support and row tabs to give it a competitive edge.

Can this store data into blob fields in tables?

Is it possible that this can be built into the TcxDBRichEdit?

28 October, 2008
Ricardo Ildefonso

Hi, developers. Your control looks great!

I have an important issue, however: how to build tables?

28 October, 2008
Giuglia E. Vaccarezza M.

Thank you

28 October, 2008
Jeff Cone

I hope it supports numbered lists and bullets.

28 October, 2008
Cinto Llach

How can I get a download to test it ?

28 October, 2008
Keith Puckett

Mail Merge !!! Please!

28 October, 2008

Another vote for mail merge also

29 October, 2008
Tony (DevExpress)

Our mail merge feature is in the pipeline. I don't think it will be available in the first public beta.

29 October, 2008
Tony (DevExpress)

Bullet lists, numbered lists and hierarchical lists are supported.

29 October, 2008
Tony (DevExpress)

I don't think table support will be included in the first release, however you may use tabs to build table-like content. We have support for tabs with different alignment: left, right, center and decimal.

29 October, 2008
Tony (DevExpress)

At this time, we're able to read/write .rtf and plain text files. We're going to implement loading and saving of .docx files and saving to html as well.

29 October, 2008
Tony (DevExpress)

As for .pdf export, it also will be available via PrintingSystem facilities.

29 October, 2008
Tony (DevExpress)

This RTF editor in XtraReports? It will be there of course. Moreover, it has been working inside XtraReports for at least 2 years :), but only for printing and exporting, not for editing.

29 October, 2008
Roland Scheler

Is Header/Footer possible?

30 October, 2008
Matt B

Will we have the ability to lock sections of the document so they can't be deleted or edited by the end-user?

Another useful feature is the ability to define a "field", which is enterable by the end-user, but they can't delete it.  This feature is useful not only for mail-merge but also for treating an RTF like a winforms input form.  

BTW, the above features are supported by TxTextControl. ;-)

30 October, 2008

This is very welcomed!!!  Now, maybe it's already included, but otherwise the only thing I would add to this is syntax highlighting.

30 October, 2008
Roland Scheler

So sorry,

RTF-Editor is not in 8.3. :-(

30 October, 2008
richard vernick

Couldn't find the RTF Control in 8.3 b1.  What gives?

30 October, 2008

i like it

30 October, 2008
Abdurahman Almatrodi

Where is RichText in 8.3b?

2 November, 2008
Keith Puckett

Since RTF Editor is not in 8.3.0 - Will it have Mail Merge when released in 8.3.1? PLEASE!!!!

3 November, 2008
ChildPlus Software

Before I start begging for features for this control, I would like to say that I'm very excited about the control and regardless of whether you implement my pet features or not, this control will be enormously useful to us.

Now for the beggging...

Most useful to us would be some built-in mail-merge capabilities.  Something similar to the drag-drop model the XtraLayoutControl uses would be unbelievable.

Next, I want to second Matt B's request, "...the ability to define a 'field', which is enterable by the end-user".  This capability would solve myriad problems for us.

I'm a HUGE fan of DevExpress.  Your tools help us help our users in ways we couldn't dream of otherwise.  Thanks for introducing this RTF control.

1 December, 2008
Keith Puckett

Any Information on Mail Merge For this Control???

Thank you!

17 December, 2008
Chris M

Matt B said:

Will we have the ability to lock sections of the document so they can't be deleted or edited by the end-user?

"Matt B" suggested feature to lock sections would be really useful also to be able to auto scroll to the section...

Is there some where, where i can see a complete list of requested features for this control?


8 April, 2009
Keith Puckett

Any News on Mail Merge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 April, 2009

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