The Pumpkin Application Skin - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You...

26 October 2008

Ten days ago, Jeff and Amanda published a video describing some of the skins we ship with our Application Wide Skinning Engine ( In that video, she previewed our upcoming Pumpkin Skin. As always, people can't wait to get their hands on our new skin designs and have been requesting more info on what it's actually going to look like...

And...I know, we are a bit late on this one. Even though the skin wont be released in time for halloween, the skin is fun and your end users just might like using it in November...

DevExpress Pumpkin Skin

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Steve Sharkey

Excellent and should be released just in time to miss this years halloween ;o)

27 October, 2008
Nate Laff

The clock face is fantastic! I also like the close button. Not too sure about the fire though. Oh well, looks great!

27 October, 2008
Denis Chiochiu

Can we get a tutorial in which you can show us how to ake our own skins. There a few of us how would love to give it a go. Pretty please!

27 October, 2008

Nice, will this be added to the ExpressSkins VCL? please!

28 October, 2008



11 February, 2009

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