Rich Text Editor for WinForms in 2009

Thinking Out Loud
22 January 2009

In DXperience v2009 vol 1, we've implemented an extensive API for the XtraRich Editor including:

Text and RtfText properties
Save and Load content using different formats
Enumerating document paragraphs
Read/modify paragraph properties
Read/modify section properties
Read/modify text range properties
Insert text at a specified position
Text Deletion

Throughout this coming year, we expect to continue refining our XtraRichEdit Control and implementing requests made by our user community. Major features we will introduce include:

Extended Printing Support
Headers and Footers
Field Support
Table Support
HTML Save/Load Support
Ability to Host Objects (including .net objects such as a grid)
Text Flow Enhancements
Open XML Save/Load Support

The importance of the Rich Editor in our long term development plans will become more clear over this year - but hopefully the ability to host .net objects gives you a bit of a clue as to where we hope to take this product.


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