Rich Text Editor for WinForms in 2009

22 January 2009

In DXperience v2009 vol 1, we've implemented an extensive API for the XtraRich Editor including:

Text and RtfText properties
Save and Load content using different formats
Enumerating document paragraphs
Read/modify paragraph properties
Read/modify section properties
Read/modify text range properties
Insert text at a specified position
Text Deletion

Throughout this coming year, we expect to continue refining our XtraRichEdit Control and implementing requests made by our user community. Major features we will introduce include:

Extended Printing Support
Headers and Footers
Field Support
Table Support
HTML Save/Load Support
Ability to Host Objects (including .net objects such as a grid)
Text Flow Enhancements
Open XML Save/Load Support

The importance of the Rich Editor in our long term development plans will become more clear over this year - but hopefully the ability to host .net objects gives you a bit of a clue as to where we hope to take this product.


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Steve Sharkey

Any ideas on MailMerge type functionality?

23 January, 2009
Konstantin Balashov

Cool! Looking forward for release!!!

23 January, 2009
Crispin Horsfield

Much to look forward to, particularly the HTML and XML save/load.

23 January, 2009
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Steve - mail merge requires Field support and it will be implemented this year (once field support is introduced).

23 January, 2009
James Hancock

HTML Save/load:

Please make sure you test this on all incoming emails. One of the #1 ways that this control will be used (I'm sure by most people) is for email.  Take an account that gets a ton of email including spam and news letters and stuff (newsletters are the worst for horrible HTML while they try and track us without our permission and try to display in Outlook properly) and make sure it renders right and loads in.

That and hte ability to get at a collection of images so that I can iterate through them and store them in a database if necessary would be of huge help.


24 January, 2009
Steve Rasmussen

This is sizing up to be a fantastic control!!!  I know that you have 'Extended' printing support on your list of features on future releases... does the initial release include 'any' printing functionality?  Also, I didn't see any mention of basic page layout, ie page size, margins, landscape etc.  Are these also in the initial release or later down the road?

25 January, 2009
Max Kosenko

HTML load/save and tables are important, .net objects host is changing the game

25 January, 2009

I don't mean to jump ship here but what is the expected general release date/month of 2009 version?

29 January, 2009
Ran Sagy

This sounds great! Loading and saving to OpenXML sounds easily like a winning feature i'd like to see soon. This would make our lives so much easier in certain applications i can think of - Probably alot of the business applications today have some interaction with Office and producing Word Documents as results\reports.

5 February, 2009
Mohamed Zayani

What unicode and right to left languages?

15 February, 2009

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