WinForms Themes or Skins or Whatever Else We Should be Calling Them

25 March 2009

Mike has just completed our newest Application-Wide Theme for Windows Forms - SpringTime. The following 2 images should give you a sense of what it will look like.

DevExpress Springtime Application Theme

DevExpress Application Skin - Springtime

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Steve Palm

hummm, cute but not very business professional.  I would really like to see a True Windows XP theme so that when running in Windows 2003 or Windows Vista we could have a Skin that would display the true XP look and feel.

How about a Silverlight Skin???

25 March, 2009



25 March, 2009

I'll never get tired of those! :)

25 March, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

The season themes bring a welcome shine to the winforms package.

It shows you guys have artistic talent and in a few cases i would deploy these themes to a customer, but the winforms skins package is seriously lacking in business skins, i know the editor is there to use but some of us arent that talented with graphics most of us are nuts & bolts people. Please consider adding a couple business style templates for us to play with.

But still very nice work and you have give me an idea for a tennis theme if i can find the time.


Karl Rostock

25 March, 2009
Boris Bosnjak

Beautiful work!

25 March, 2009
Matthew Roberts

Really nice! Our female staff love this stuff - good to time for them to change from valentine skin!

Next time can you make something for the boys?? (and work safe hehe - doesn't leave much I know!)

BTW.. the majority of our end users are female - so good it's good to keep them happy (until our new WPF apps arrive!)

25 March, 2009
Mad Dax

Awesome, when can we expect the availability of this skin?

26 March, 2009

+1 for bussines skin .. in my case application must look more 'seriuos' than this and more similar to the operating systems look & feel.

Anyway, I apreciate the graphics .. but I cannot use it for my clients ...

26 March, 2009
Reinhold Erlacher

I'd like to second Steves comment.

How about a skin that integrates DX components and forms as much as possible into XP, Vista skins?

26 March, 2009
Ronald Kohl

I totaly agree with Karl Rostock.

Very nice work!

26 March, 2009
Bassam Abdelaal

Really Really Beautiful , I will definitely use them

26 March, 2009
Michele Giudici

Nice indeed,

but what about something more professional?.

What about Partially defined themes, designed specifically to be easily branded (colors and images) by developers.

26 March, 2009
Peter Thorpe

Karl I notice you are a relatively new member,

You are actually including the OfficeSkins.dll right not just the BonusSkins.dll because there are quite a few skins in their which look good to me as business skins (plain colours not images).

I tend to loop the skin set and add them to a drop down list so the user can choose which skins. I decide whether or not to include the BonusSkins.dll dependent on who the app is for. You don't want to send the valentines theme to your boss right. LOL

Anyway loving the work including the ASP.NET themes I let the user choose on them as well. This is going to be in 9.1 right?

26 March, 2009
Holger Kammerer

Very nice, we like that! For us, this is a welcome change to everyday serious business.

But, like others mentioned: please provide also a few more business style themes.

26 March, 2009
Junior Thurler

It's a good theme like all others are, but I think some Bussiness themes is missing... Don't you think ?

26 March, 2009
jerome crevecoeur

+1 with Karl

It's look very nice but for business, it's not usefull...

In the same way, Valentine, Haloween, Summer, Christmas Etc...

I hope some business skins for the future.

Devexpress customers in majority are professionals

26 March, 2009
Christopher Todd

It is nice, but maybe a little too cute. Keep them coming though! Please, we need more themes/skins for ASP.NET!!

26 March, 2009
Heiko Mueller

Really nice.

How about a skin that looks somtehing like 'Microsoft Blend'?

26 March, 2009
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Appreciate the feedback guys - we do have some other skins in the works and I hope it will address some of your concerns.

26 March, 2009

Thanks DevExpress!  Everybody at Kraft Foods Benelux loves the skinning technology and the well crafted skins.  The users love to change the application skins frequently based on their mood or season.  I as a technical person use them to remind me in which environment the application is currently running: e.g. Test system, Production A, Production B, ...

26 March, 2009

Yep, ideas:  Expression, Adobe PS4, "Galaxy" which is the one the 2009.1 Demo Center uses (I named it, not sure what you call it), etc.

Thx for the great skins!  Allowing our apps to be unique is awesome!

26 March, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

@Peter Thorpe, The office skins are nice but they are too bold and reflective of microsoft office, i am trying to create a distinct professional brand design, and using the office skins shouts out that i am copying microsoft, and yes i am new to the Devx scene but i am a developer of 10 years experience, i am also an MVP so my opinion is'nt an "off the hook" reply its my professional opinion. If an experienced devx designer is going to spend time designing a skin perhaps the efforts and time taken would be better recieved by the rest of the users if we could actually use these playfull skins in a business enviroment.

As said above these are just my thoughts.



26 March, 2009
Iouri Savastiouk

Love these! And I find that the users do, too. Even most of the bosses, although we do default to a one of the business-like themes and let the users to choose one which they like the most.

I had a comment from one of the users - a gentleman in his 50s perhaps, who is used to dealing with the ages old applications, that the application which we've build (obviously based on all the latest DevExpress UI elements) that it looks like a PS3 game. :) He certainly liked it!!!

Keep your great work - always looking for the new stuff you guys come up with!!!

26 March, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

p.s reading that back to myself it sounds a little rude but its not meant to be lol.

26 March, 2009

This should be renamed to the 'Twitter' skin

27 March, 2009

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