DevExpress Swag, Goodies and GiftCards

26 March 2009

Over the years, we've met a number of you guys at tradeshows and been able to offer you DevExpress swag and the like...

For those who don't make it out to events such as TechEd or PDC but still want to get some swag or win a gift card or two, make sure to follow us on Twitter. We've been giving away a few things of late including today's $100 Morton's Steakhouse giftcard.

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4 comment(s)
Scott Blood

Can you use the giftcard at a kebab house here in the UK after a few pints :)

27 March, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

It would be nice to trade it in at Angels in birmingham too :-)

27 March, 2009
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Get yourself to Glendale Scott - we'll buy you the best kebob on the planet :-)

27 March, 2009

Unless you're lucky and have a real life, you'll know by now that we released v2009 vol 1 in

1 April, 2009

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