VCL News - Coming Soon, the QuantumTreeList v5

01 April 2009

In the coming days, we'll be announcing a beta for the QuantumTreeLIst v5 with the following new features/capabilities...

Significant Performance Improvements

(examples of these improvements are 50 times faster full node expansion in smart load mode)

New Layout Capabilities

Nested Bands

VCL Nested TreeList Bands

Customizable Expansion Button Location

VCL TreeList Button Location

Quick Band Visibility Customization (like the QuantumGrid)

Quick Column Visibility Customization (like the QuantumGrid)

Multiple Fixed Bands (no longer limited to one on each side of the TreeList)

Group Summaries

TreeList Group Summaries

Multiple Summaries

TreeList Multiple Summaries

Built-in Context Menus (like the QuantumGrid)

Summary Footer Context Menu (like the QuantumGrid)

Numerous other features will be introduced in the product but I will leave this to our beta announcement.  On a final note - our goal is to allow for easy migration from v4 to v5, therefore, the new QuantumTreeLIst provides implicit streaming compatibility.

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15 comment(s)

Awesome news.  Any chance there will be visual drag/drop indicators (i.e. arrows that show where a drop will go or something)?

1 April, 2009
David Le Franc

Cool. Thank you for the information!

1 April, 2009
Lars Sondergaard

Good news. Keep the VCL stuff comming :-)

1 April, 2009

Wow! Good News!

1 April, 2009
Phillip Roux

Great News! Long live VCL!

1 April, 2009
Byron Baynham_1

Excellent.  More news please!

1 April, 2009
Dave Frank

Very nice.  Love screenshots of new features. :-)

1 April, 2009

I've being wait this since last year.. :)

I really appreciate your support for VCL

1 April, 2009
Christophe Ravaut

Nice, thanks for the screenshots

I hope to see more of these thinks

2 April, 2009
Manolis Perrakis

Thanks Ray

2 April, 2009
Luke Grews

Great :-)

Where can one find 2009 VCL Roadmap?

2 April, 2009
Luiz A D R Marques

Great news! Very exciting!

2 April, 2009

Great news. There are 24 hours in a day so keep the VCL updates comming.

2009 VCL roadmap would also be great!!

2 April, 2009
Claudio Piffer



3 April, 2009

Good to hear that, Delphi VCLs need some new components & technologies like VS.NET Controls have... We'r waiting for more news :)

and yes (as Adam said): 2009 VCL roadmap would also be great...

6 April, 2009

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