Application Wide Skins & Themes...More on the Way in DXperience v2009 vol 2

02 June 2009

In our continuing effort to address your business needs, we will be introducing a number of new Skins/Themes in the next major release of DXperience.

They will include the following:

The Darkroom

DevExpress Darkroom Theme

Windows 7

DevExpress Windows 7 Theme

High Contrast

DevExpress High Contrast Skin

Something we call "Sharp"

DevExpress Sharp Theme


Something we call "Foggy"

DevExpress Foggy Theme

If you have any questions regarding these new themes or any we currently ship with our products, feel free to write to us - or


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Emmanuel Claus

Yes !!! ;)

Really like the "Darkroom" and "Sharp" ones.

2 June, 2009

Very good, this is the taste I'm looking for my LOB applications. Skin like SpringTime are nice, but not look so "professional" ...

thanks in advance ...


2 June, 2009
Max Kosenko

Foggy and Darkroom are really useful. Thanks!

2 June, 2009
Claudio Piffer


DevExpress team never ceases to amaze me!!

Thank you very much

best Regards

2 June, 2009
Nate Woolls - DevExpress MVP

Gorgeous :)

2 June, 2009
Masa Ito

Thumbs up - love them!  I like spring, winter etc., but need more of these types than the fun ones...

2 June, 2009
Heiko Mueller

Absolutly GREAT!

Thank you very much.

2 June, 2009
Boris Bosnjak


2 June, 2009
Abaid-ur-Rehman Zulfi

Any new skins for ASPXperience Suite?

2 June, 2009

Thank you DX!  We appreciate your listening to our last feedback to provide more professional themes/skins and you have.  This will add a great professional touch to our apps and keeping us unique which is one of the major selling points of the DX suite - not another Office looking app! :)

Take the rest of the day off! :)

2 June, 2009
Peter Thorpe

I really like these don't know if it's just me but foggy sharp and the dark room look a bit WPF to me think it's the close minimize and maximize controls.

Anyway very nice clean design good for business stuff as much as I do like to give my users the fun skins as well it's not always appropriate.

2 June, 2009
Steven Rasmussen

Is it me or does the 'Darkroom' look very Adobe-esque?  Very cool!!!  Keep-em coming!!!

2 June, 2009
Sigurd Decroos

Darkroom all the way! That dark look is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Great job!

2 June, 2009
Jerrie Pelser

Yeah! These themes look VERY nice.  They're nice and clean and much more professional looking than some of the current themes.

Good work!!!

2 June, 2009

I like! I really like! Making winforms look like Adobe Air and WPF...oooOOOH. I like!

2 June, 2009
Alex Danvy

I'm in the process of getting Windows 7 logo so the Windows 7 theme is welcome. I can see that it looks like the "Windows Basic" OS theme. What about an aero theme ? What about the Scenic Ribbon too ?

2 June, 2009
Phillip Roux

Looks great! Looking forward to see these with VCL as well.

2 June, 2009
Carl Clark

The Darkroom - really cool.

2 June, 2009

Will these be available for the VCL (pleasessssssss)

3 June, 2009
Daniel Rieck

Darkroom looks good, but can you please change the name. I don't speak English as my first language, and had to look up darkroom in wikipedia to realize that's the room where you develop photographs -- I've only heard of it in the context of gay clubs.

3 June, 2009
Chloe Anfield

I like the look of Sharp and The Darkroom. There seems to be some artistic flair in-house at DX - any chance of this being directed at creating some icons for use in XAF generated business applications ;) ?

3 June, 2009
Scary Monster

Suggest "Ebony" as a better name for "Darkroom" theme. Notwithstanding these themes are great. Keep 'em rollin'...

3 June, 2009

I love all the new Skins, it's always a surplus to let customers decide which theme they go with. It seems a little feature but it makes customer love or just use your application!

3 June, 2009
Renaud Bompuis

Wow, really really cool.

These new skins are awesome and will make a great impact.

3 June, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

Hi ,

I am happy you are releasing new skinz but please can you do something with the tabs, i have found it extremely difficult to create slanted tabs like you get in VS2008.

4 June, 2009
Peter Groemer-Mrazek

Great Skins & Themes!

But: I'm missing such Themes/Skins like "Royal Noir" and "Embedded Style" (directly from Microsoft) Therse have a unique Color-Scheme and i love especially the "Embedde Style Theme" with its dark blue (and a touch of green) colors ...

4 June, 2009

Windows 7 is very cool!

4 June, 2009
Hans Henrik Holven

I have receeived reports that using the current Skins & Themes is adding in the area of 50 MB to the application, and reduces its performance.

How is this in the new update?

4 June, 2009

These look great, but what I wold really appreciate is something that looks reasonably modern, but worked efficiently on Terminal Server/Citrix over low bandwidth connections. Currently users have to select the "flat" style which works, but looks very dated.

4 June, 2009
Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic

Please, port these to the Delphi VCL suite as well.

4 June, 2009

It would be nice if you developed a set of icons to go along with these skins and/or the GUI controls in general.

4 June, 2009
Mario Howard

I also would appreciate a set of icons VERY much

5 June, 2009
Andreas Mummenhoff

I'm very happy that there are more and more skins, specially the new darkroom is very aesthetic. It is the opposite of a skin, I'm waiting for: ererything in white, so that the application looks like a well design brochure, like one of the prospects where high class fonds are advertised.

5 June, 2009
Robert Gehrsitz

Will any of these themes make it into the VCL side of the house?

5 June, 2009

Will this be available for VCL?

5 June, 2009
Sergey Ivanov

Great! Please migrate this theme to VCL!

5 June, 2009
Anuraag Sanwal

hope the darkroom is also for ASPx

cos the ASPx blackglass theme still has some white background in dropdowns etc.

8 June, 2009
Csaba Balázs

Business Skins are very usefulls (Win7 and sharp) but you should pack it in separated assemblies because the size of distributed package.

8 June, 2009
Andy H

The 'High Contrast' looks better than other attempts at the same kind of look ive seen, but im still not a fan.

Is there a technical reason people keep using that style? Or is it just for nostalgia?

9 June, 2009
Marius Zemaitis

Darkroom and sharp are super skins.

+ vote for porting to VCL.

10 June, 2009
Gerald Koeder

Looks really great!

+1 vote for porting to VCL !!

13 June, 2009
The One With

In my previous post I have explained how to customize the appearance of the AgMenu Control . The template

3 August, 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August, 2009

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