Rich Text Editing with the XtraGrid for WinForms

05 June 2009

Over the years, many of you have asked us to introduce Rich Text Editing capabilities within the XtraGrid Suite for WinForms.

The good news is that we snuck this feature into DXperience v2009 vol  1.3 (the bad news is that none of us blogged about it)

If you've not yet had the opportunity to review its capabilities, feel free to kick it around and as always provide us with feedback and let us know if it will address your business requirements.

XtraGrid Rich Text Editing Capabilities

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James Hancock

When it handles HTML let me know. RTF is a dead standard that is pretty much useless in the age of the internet....

5 June, 2009
Boris Bosnjak

One benefit of RTF over HTML (unless I'm unaware) is that RTF allows you to embed images, while HTML can only link to a file that has to sit somewhere else.

When sharing user-entered content on a website, then, RTF is better at handling images since it's self-contained.  A link to an image one user enters may not work for another user in HTML.

5 June, 2009
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

Thank's Ray for making RTF editing happen in the Grid.


I do not agree with you. RTF is very good.

If you were to follow your reasoning to the end, you would be typing your e-mails or documents in Adobe Dreamweaver or similar software.

But most of the time regular Windows users type their documents in Word (or OpenOffice or whatever) and do not care what the underlying format is (docx, txt, html, rtf, etc.).

And I have a very silly question : For which browser should the to-be DevExpress HTML editor be best adjusted ?

Possible answers: IE (5,6,7,8,...), Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. select one.

Each of these browsers renders pages differently. Then there is CSS, user preferences (colors, fonts), etc.

As a side note, XML might be a better format than HTML, but I am pretty sure that an RTF to XML converter is technically feasable without too much costs.

5 June, 2009
Steve Rasmussen

@ James - You may want to check out the other post titled 'Silverlight and WinForms Rich Text Editor (RTF) Control ' which states that both HTML import and export are slated for 9.2.  I would imagine that this will be rolled into the RepositoryEdit as well.

5 June, 2009
Jim Clay

I agree with James.  Because most of my uses for an editor like this involve Outlook 2007 Email, RTF is of no use to me. (It does look nice though)

5 June, 2009
Luke Grews

Do toy by any change mean DXperience v2009 vol  1.2 instead of DXperience v2009 vol  1.3?!

5 June, 2009
Tarik Souirji

@James hancock

I think they're about to let you know:


5 June, 2009
Yug Media Resource

Very need full HTML support ...

Another words: need HTML WYSIWYG editor for windows and RTF not important ...

5 June, 2009

Thanks for the post Ray, didn't know that! Very useful!

5 June, 2009

Couldn't agree more with James. We need HTML to have the best of both worlds, WinForms and ASP.NET forms sharing the same data.

5 June, 2009
Glen Harvy

Is HTML really being included in 2009.2 .

8 June, 2009

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