Silverlight and WinForms Rich Text Editor (RTF) Control

05 June 2009

I wanted to briefly show you a few of the things we're developing for AgRichEdit and XtraRichEdit (DXperience v2009 vol 2)...In particular, the ability to open and save HTML documents and Save to docx format.

WinForms File Open Dialog (note the HTML file import option)

DevExpress Rich Text Edit Open Dialog - HTML

Windows and Silverlight File Save Dialog (note the ability to save to both HTML and docx formats)

DevExpress Rich Text Edito Save As Dialog

DevExpress Silverlight Rich Text Edit Save As Dialog

On a side note - here's an image of the our Silverlight Rich Text Edit running outside the browser.

DevExpress Silverlight Rich Text Edit

Finally, many of you will ask...we plan on introducing "field" support in v2009 vol 2 which will move us closer to supporting mail merge functionality. Table support is also planned (read only in v2009 vol 2 and full support in vol 3).

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Eric Harmon_1


I don't see .docx listed in the File|Open dialog.  Does that mean we can save .docx files but then we can't reopen them?


5 June, 2009
Glen Harvy

Does thsi mean that this control is now, in effect, a 'winforms html editor'

5 June, 2009
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

:O Save to html for Silverlight, i think i just exploded!!! Guys, fantastic work as usual!!!!!!

5 June, 2009

Not sure if winform xtrarichedit will support docx loading in vol 2 but it will be really great if vol2 supports docx loading to reduce db overheads.

Anyway great job DX


5 June, 2009
Steve Rasmussen

You just made me cry for joy!!!  This is fantastic news!!!  Just wondering about all the 'minor' enhancements?  When I say minor, its all relative compared to these enhancements.  Specifically:

1) Header and Footer support

2) Line numbering (this is critical for me since I develop applications for the legal industry, although I know that this is also used in the medical and insurance industries.

Keep up the good work!!!

5 June, 2009
Peter Thorpe

This is great I would think table support and mail merge are the most desired features other than HTML load and save.

Just wondering how clean is the HTML output.

5 June, 2009
Jim Clay

As far as I can see, this won't help for my required use of an HTML Editor in WinForms.  Because my need was at a critical stage, I had to purchase another vendor's HTML Editor.  It is fine, but I hate having an additional vendor involved now.

My requirement is that the app I have written and am continually updating for our company includes a lot of customer service functionality in which our users need to send information to the customer and be able to retain the information with the associated customer orders.  These notices are generally emails.  I have a form where our user can fill out the information and there is an area for notes to send as well (this is the HTML Editor).  The user then clicks a button an an email is sent.  I DON'T want to save an HTML file, I just want to add it to the HTML Body of the Outlook email that I create in code.  With an HTML Editor, it is as easy as putting the bound field in the email body.  Saving it as an HTML file does me know good as I would then have to open it and parse it separately in order to get the HTML that I need to place in the Email.

5 June, 2009
Nate Laff

What will Field support contain/not contain that will prevent it from begin a full mail merge implmentation?

5 June, 2009
Pierre AUBIN

Step by step, oh, baby ! ;-)

5 June, 2009
Sigurd Decroos

Please add 'open' and 'save' MHT-files. I'm very busy making an e-mail parser/writer and this would be a superb combination with the Chilkat components.

6 June, 2009
Jon Winstar


Is HTML editing for WinForms and Silverlight only? What about ASP.NET? What about XtraReports? I really need HTML support in your reporting tool. Is that also in development?

9 June, 2009

What version of RTF are you currently supporting?

23 June, 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August, 2009

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