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09 July 2009

When we first introduced our WinForms Rich Text Edit control, the number 1 feature we were asked to implement was mail merge...

When we introduced our Silverlight Rich Text Edit control, the number 1 feature we were asked to implement was guess what....mail merge.

To those who could not wait, our apologies for the delay. For those who can't wait to get started, please be patient...only a few more days to go for the beta.

Hopefully these images will be self-explanatory of what you can expect once we release...

WinForms RTF Control Mail Merge

Silverlight RTF Control Mail Merge

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Scott G Blood

You have probably in one fell swoop eradicated the need for us to have Microsoft Office installed on about 4000+ agents machines :)


9 July, 2009
Nate Laff

Oh my, it is beautiful!

Question: Does it handle collections, i.e. like a report detail band?

9 July, 2009
daniel weisel

Looks AMAZING! Can't wait!!

9 July, 2009
Nate Laff

oh one more question... can you use a simple object as a datasource?

9 July, 2009
Keith Puckett

Will it have table support???

9 July, 2009
Sigurd Decroos

This looks amazing, finally!

Now, add this control and functionality to the report designer and you have a winning combo all the way :)

9 July, 2009
Dave Frank

Very cool...  Do they have to be "Database Fields"?  Or can we use business objects as well?


9 July, 2009
Greg Shelton

Cool.  Are custom document properties {DOCPROPERTY "CustomerAccountNumber"} supported as well?

9 July, 2009
Steven Rasmussen

Looks great!  Just a quick thought:  it looks like the fields are not sorted alphabetically in the pick list.  When you have say 50 fields, it would be critical that this is in alphabetical order so that you can find the one that want quickly.

9 July, 2009
John Livermore

I believe the .2 release is supposed to include read-only table support correct?  What version of read only will this be?  

Can I import an existing table and have it displayed?  (assuming 'yes')

Can I import an existing table and modify the cell contents?

Can I import an existing table and save it to another RTF document?

9 July, 2009
Myles Penlington

If it could produce a pdf output file as a result - would be a real killer for our app, esp if you could specify conditional formatting/inclusion/exclusion of fields/paragraphs etc!

9 July, 2009
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Leon - we will introduce table support in our HTML Editor in vol 2. Vol 3 is more likely for the RTF control.

9 July, 2009
Steve Sharkey


You're just about to put my toe back in a few doors - or at least reduce the dependancies on MS Word and it's nasty object model.

10 July, 2009
Bodo Noering

It looks great!

You created a working text editing tool within a few months while the guys of TX TextControl struggle since many years and about 8 major releases to handle initial design flaws (but didn't make it so far).

Well done.

15 July, 2009

I really hope the custom fields are also possible.

15 July, 2009

Since table only available for HTML Editor ,

Will it HTML Editor support mail merge?

15 July, 2009
Maurice Thomas

People at work really are going to think I'm a genius now - thanks so much! Presumably where "database fields" is mentioned above, we can just as easily use a custom data source (i.e. a bindinglist of x)? Not really a problem either way - I'd quite happily create temporary tables on a local db if it'll let me access this kind of functionality. Wonderful.

16 July, 2009
Henk Boen

Looks good. But will it support:

1. master/detail detail.. datasets

2. mailmerge for html

3. mailmerge for xaml

4. output/export the result as xaml (for out silverlight project)

16 July, 2009
David Perrett

How far off is the beta? and where is it downloaded from.

And how long after that will it be released?

24 July, 2009
Ken Maglio

Are the mail merge features something that are only in development at this point???  I haven't seen any documentation on the site about the abilities in the products. I've been tasked to come up with a document manager, and I would love to get them off the word requirements.

3 August, 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August, 2009

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