Silverlight Book Control v2009 vol 2

11 July 2009

Our Silverlight team has been working hard to produce a series of multi-purpose utility type controls.

Among these is our Silverlight Book Control which - as the name implies - uses a book metaphor to display information on screen. To navigate contents, you "drag" individual pages to one side or the other. You can populate individual pages with info using content templates and bind the control to data, so that each page represents a single record.

Silverlight Book Control



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11 July, 2009
Ben Hayat

Would it be possible to have the Rich edit control in the book? If yes, can each page of the book show each page of the rich edit? Another words, you attach one rich edit to the book, and you can turn the UI of a Rich Edit as a book? Read-Only?

12 July, 2009
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

Looking good ray!!

12 July, 2009
Miha Markic - DevExpress MVP

@Ben: Judging from the way Silverlight/WPF does composition I am sure it will be possible.

12 July, 2009
Darko Pecnik

Very nice.

You might want to consider adding something like this to this book control, or at least some navigation functionality from it.

12 July, 2009

I can see that this might be useful to replace some of the 'flash' based Catalogs that some Retailers create that allow you to turn pages, but apart from that my imagination struggles to see it as anything but 'gimmicky'.  What uses to other readers see for it? I'd like to hear some ideas.

From my perspective at present, it holds little value for a business application developer.  I'd much rather see a Silverlight based equivalent of things like the existing DX Scheduler control that could offer real incentive to shift to Silverlight.

That said, it does look *schmick*. Well done.


12 July, 2009
Csaba Balázs

Great, but not in a business application. Have you ever think about these technologies when started programming with my first PC after C64.

12 July, 2009

That is really which I want. I am developing e-learning and this one is useful for my e-books. ;o)


13 July, 2009
Holger Kammerer

Nice, but like others mentioned: we don't need this in a business application.

We develop a standard application for our customers and we can not use WPF, until there is all functionality of the actual WinForms controls.

13 July, 2009
Gary L Cox Jr [DX-Squad]

I find this very useful in business apps.  Take for example an e-commerce site, you could allow your customer to view your current catalog with a catalog appearance.  Or another example is the online help, you could implement a wiki type help and flip through the pages as well.  I think its pretty cool Ray.

13 July, 2009
Ben Hayat

I would like to see a blog on the data virtualization of the RTE and the book, where as each page is turned, then the next two pages are loaded by the RTE engine on the fly. I think combination of these controls open great solutions. Any plans for the RTE to support PDF, XPS and HTML formats?


13 July, 2009

Doesn't thrill me, at least from the little info in this blog post, but I'm sure others may find it of use.  I'd rather have a Silverlight image gallery like the javascript lightbox control.  I suggested it here for those that want to track the suggestion:

13 July, 2009

This is a cute litle addition to the toolbox, but isnt it straying from the core controls sorely needed for a true WPF/Silverlight business application.  For some reason, DevExpress, normally a market leader seems to be falling behind the other vendors in WPF/Silverlight.  Before creating toys like book controls, can we work toward a serious toolkit of edit controls and other equivalent controls to the wonderful and highly useful controls you've created for WinForms?

13 July, 2009
Alton Scott

I think this great. The Best. I've been waiting for something like this. Have many applications for it. Is there a winform verision?

15 July, 2009
Carlos Borrero

Will it be possible to have hiperlinks on the books?

15 July, 2009
Vlad Filyakov (DevExpress)

Neal, have you seen the "Image Gallery" from here:

15 July, 2009
Ludo Vandenbempt

Great!  This opens new possibilities in a world which expects more and more dynamic systems with animations and interactivity.

16 July, 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August, 2009
Helen Warn

I like this alot. However, I think it would be more effective if the border image looked more like a book, instead of simply using a drop shadow.


12 November, 2009

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