WinForms Pivot Table - Updates Coming to the XtraPivotGrid

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13 July 2009

With DXperience v2009 vol 2, we've introduced the following new features/options to our Pivot Grid control.

Excel 2007 Style Customization Window
The XtraPivotGrid's customization window can now mimic the appearance and behavior of Microsoft Excel 2007 Pivot Tables.

WinForms Pivot Table Excel Style Look and Feel

New Filter Dropdown Capabilities
This release extends the Pivot Grid's filter dropdowns with the following new features:

- Incremental Search Support.
- Context menu allowing end-users to inverse the currently applied filter.
- An optional combo box specifying whether to show or hide selected items.
- The capability to select multiple items by pressing the SHIFT or CTRL key. After required items have been selected, their check state can be reversed simultaneously by pressing SPACE.

WinForms Pivot Grid Filter

Suppressing Empty Columns When Displaying Trends
When displaying trends (summary variations), the first column or row in each group is always empty because there are no preceeding values to calculate the difference. You can now suppress these empty cells by toggling a single option.

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