WinForms Expression Editor for DevExpress Grid Controls

14 July 2009

In previous versions, the only way to specify unbound column values was to handle an event and write appropriate code. The same applied if you needed conditional formatting with complex criterias. With this new release, DevExpress WinForms controls now allow you to address both these requirements using an intuitive design-time editor.

An updated version of the DevExpress Expression Editor (the first version was introduced in XtraReports v2008 vol 2) is now available to our WinForms Grids controls. You can use it to specify formulas for unbound column value computation or to setup conditional formatting. The DevExpress Controls that support this new feature are the XtraGrid and XtraPivotGrid.

WinForms Express Editor

For unbound columns, you can also enable end-user expression customization. Simply enable an appropriate option and the column's header menu will include a link to the Expression Editor.

WinForms Expression Editor

Beyond this, we've also extended the Expression Editor with approximately 50 new functions.

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Alain Bismark

Just Amazing !!!

13 July, 2009


13 July, 2009
Andres Villalta Periera

Wow, I like so much this feature. I want this now!!! :) :)

13 July, 2009
Renaud Bompuis

This is really cool. I'm sure power users will love using that feature.

13 July, 2009
Holger Kammerer

Very useful. Are these settings persisted in a saved layout? Would be great, if the end-user could add expression columns with this.

13 July, 2009
Omar (OK Software)

Thanks DX

14 July, 2009
Paolo Liverani

Hello, I have a project in which I need a complex calculated field. Any possibility to download a beta of this?

14 July, 2009
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)

I want this for XAF - ASP :) :)

14 July, 2009
Jose Rolando Guay Paz

And for the web?

14 July, 2009


and ... Thank  you :)

14 July, 2009
Joe Davies

Much nicer than my solution!

15 July, 2009
T Rex

Looks good. It would be really great if you exposed the expression tree as an object model and then developers could create their own filters, sql statements, linq queries... Something I would find really useful.

16 July, 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August, 2009

Hi... i want to store the value of the unbound columns in the database. because i have the unbound expression and the value is calculated but when i getting the row of the xtra grid its not containing the column of the unbound expression....wht to do....

6 May, 2010

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