Office 2010 WinForms Theme

10 February 2010

New themes always get the juices flowing - for those who've been asking for it, here's a preview of our Office 2010 Theme in blue (black and silver are in production). We hope to release these new themes with DXperience v2010 vol1.WinForms Office 2010 Theme and Skin

For those of you who've scrolled all the way down to this point....The first 25 to send me a screenshot of an application you've built using one of our themes/skins will get a DevExpress swag goodie bag. Email is ....... Update - we've gotten tons of messages - I thank everyone who sent in their screenshots.

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Nate Woolls - DevExpress MVP

Looks great guys!

10 February, 2010
Grant Levy

Looks good.  Sent my screenshot.

10 February, 2010

cool theme ... We looked for 2009.v3 version, but the prize awaiting us ..

thanks DevExpress

10 February, 2010
John Clothier

Cant wait for that one! Screenshot sent

10 February, 2010
Dusan Pupis


Office 2010 Ribbon looks phenomenal.



10 February, 2010

Themes for web... nothing! :-(


10 February, 2010
Brian O'Sullivan

Looks Class - Pic Sent

10 February, 2010
Steven Rasmussen

This looks great!  What I like even more is to see the new added features appearing in the XtraRichEdit, ie the Header / Footer support, watermark, page settings toolbar!  Keep up the good work!

10 February, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

Yeah, this is superb. This is a real sales helper actually. Being able to provide the Office Look & Feel in an application has proven us easier sales and shorter learning curves. Keep those skins coming guys!

10 February, 2010
Peter Thorpe

Nice theme especially with the glass effect.

Also great screen shot for the users of XtraRichEdit looks like header and footer support will be available fingers crossed for table support too.

10 February, 2010
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

Hi Ray out of interest how does the new "File" menu look?

In the previous Office 2007 ribbon it was a "popup" menu, however in Office 2010 it is a "complete page" that fills the screen.

Does this occur with the DX 2010 theme? or is it still popup menu? or even better is it an option? (if MS Design guidelines allow), personally I hate the "full screen" menu, and preferred the popup menu from 2007, however I like the design of the 2010 button it looks way more intuitive to what people are use to, a big round button just looked like a pretty picture and alot of people don't discover it easily.

Very excited, I reverted my app back to MenuBars as customers couldn't discover features easily enough, however with 2010 theme I will most likely go back to the ribbon way ;)

10 February, 2010
Mark Chimes

Nice! - Pic sent.

10 February, 2010
Office 2010 WinForms Theme - Thinking Out Loud Contact

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11 February, 2010

Very nice, look forward to getting this!

11 February, 2010
Nate Laff

That looks so much better than the office 2007 look. stupid orb.

11 February, 2010
lott champs

cool theme, with good texture.

11 February, 2010

Looks good. But I would like to see a Winter theme and a Fall theme to round out the other two seasonal themes: SpringTime and SummerTime.

11 February, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

Why not add a rain, sun, mist, night, cloudy, ... theme while you're working on it :)

This could help the 'seasonal' themes a lot.

16 February, 2010
Alex Keller


10 March, 2010
Mike Hunsberger

I happen to like the 2007 "stupid orb" better thank you very much. It also gives a little branding and originality to the app. How is this colored tab going to stand out as intuitive? I disagree. Problem is now since Microsoft made this change my apps with orbs will all be looked at as "old"... dang This skin looks fine though...

30 March, 2010

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