WPF Pivot Table-Grid - v2010 vol 1

06 April 2010

In DXperience v2009 vol 3, we introduced our WPF Pivot Table control - with this release, we've extended its feature set to mirror those found in its WinForms and ASP.NET counterparts.

WPF Pivot Table and Grid

New features available in DXperience v2010 vol 1 include:

  • Three New Microsoft Office Style Visual Themes
  • Integration with DevExpress Charting for WPF
  • Built-in Prefilter dialog
  • MS Excel Style Customization Form
  • Cell Selection and Clipboard Support
  • Multiple Totals per Group
  • Field Grouping and Custom Field Grouping
  • Custom Summaries
  • Unbound Columns
  • Saving and Restoring Layout
  • Sorting Columns and Rows by Corresponding Summary Values
  • Context Menu

In addition to the features listed above, we now allow you to create compact layouts for hierarchical pivot table row values (this capability is also available in the WinForms and ASP.NET versions of this control).

WPF Pivot Table Compact Layout

For those who want more...we now allow you to use the DevExpress Expression Editor to specify summary value calculation formulas. The editor dialog allows you to construct your expression using other summary values. This eliminates the need to write code for complex summary calculation scenarios and also gives end-users control over individual calculations,

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6 April, 2010
Steve Sharkey

Compact layouts - excellent!

7 April, 2010
Daniel Rieck IMC

That last part about using the expression editor to calculate summary values using other summary values sounds very interesting. Is that also available in the WinForms XtraGrid?

7 April, 2010
Matthew Roberts

Fantastic effort! Also is there any support for export to XLS??

7 April, 2010
Peter Thorpe

I'm glad the expression editor is expanded to end users I was hoping for that as I can't account for every posibility at design time.

The compact layouts are great too especially for ASP.NET where I sometimes struggle for space.

7 April, 2010

The new layout for ASP.NET application is very nice! I hope all this enhancements are present into XAF!


7 April, 2010
Ivan N (DevExpress)

Daniel, It is not available for summaries in XtraGrid, but is available for cell values.

Matthew, Not yet. We weren't able to finish export by the deadline. I believe it should be done in the next major release.

Peter, Also, we have implemented a fixed row area similar to the one the WinForms control has. I've asked Mehul to post a couple of screenshots.

8 April, 2010

Very interesting. Is possible to use WPF Pivot Table in XBAP application?

9 April, 2010
Sergio Miranda

Compact layouts - excellent!

9 April, 2010

this is wonderful ,and we can develop very interesting applications

12 April, 2010
Ivan N (DevExpress)

Christian, Yes.

14 April, 2010

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