WinForms Office 2010 Theme and Ribbon (Skin) - v2010 vol 1

Thinking Out Loud
08 April 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a couple of images of our upcoming WinForms Office 2010 Skin. That image demonstrated our WinForms RichEdit control...Here's a look at how other controls look when this theme is applied.

WinForms Office 2010 Theme (Skin) DevExpress

For those who are wondering about the application menu.

We now have an application menu content property - if you assign a menu to the property, you'll be able to maintain Office 2007 behaviors. If you assign any other control to the property, you'll have an Office 2010 full page view with the control embedded into it (for instance, place anything on a panel and then set the panel as the dropdown control).

The following image demonstrates how this will look at runtime - note the orange effect in the right-bottom corner - it is a DevExpress Skin element. It will appear automatically (if not overlapped by non-transparent items).

WinForms Ribbon App Menu



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