ASP.NET RTL Support (coming in v2010 vol 2)

05 August 2010

You'll have to excuse the following screenshots - we certainly should be using a language that actually uses right to left, but since we dont have anyone on hand to help with that - I figured an English version would do to demonstrate the new RTL feature soon to be available across our ASP.NET control libraries. 

ASP.NET RTL - Right to Left Support

ASP.NET RTL - Right to Left Support

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14 comment(s)

Thank you! Can we also expect the same for Winforms?

5 August, 2010
Boris Bosnjak

This is terrific!

5 August, 2010
Dylan Reisenberger

Hi. Are you expecting to add this RTL support to your

ASP.NET MVC HTML Editor Extension?  We could be interested in using this for Arabic language.

6 August, 2010
Andrew (DevExpress)

MVC controls, including HTML Editor, will have RTL support in v2010.2.

6 August, 2010
Abdi Bora Aydemir

What about RTL for the VCL?

6 August, 2010
hamed vaziri


it's very interested for me! as James told, can we expect this feature in winform app ?

can i help u to accomplish this ?

7 August, 2010
Chen Noam

This is great ! Waiting for this  !

When the vol 2 is to be released approximately  ?

8 August, 2010
Wael Dalloul

Thanks, it's a nice feature to support Arabic language, I hope you also support WinForms as well.

8 August, 2010
Chris McClendon

Thanks! Much needed for Arabic menu control.

20 August, 2010
Mohammad Amery

Thanks! Arabic and Farsi Web App. will be more professional with DevExpress.


21 August, 2010

Very good

Is there any plan to make WindowsForms library as RTL ????

22 August, 2010
Khalid Hazmi

This is a great feature to see.

If issue S18437 is going to be solved in 2010.2, then we are set.

Thank you

26 August, 2010
saleh zamzam

Thank you very much

31 August, 2010
David Brennan

I will add my name to the list of people who would love to see RTL support in the VCL.

Good to see that you have added it to ASP.NET as that implies you realise it is a wanted feature... hanging out for VCL!

1 November, 2010

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