VCL Grid v7 - New Layout View

11 August 2010

Our VCL team is actively developing the next version of the ExpressQuantumGrid - we are hoping to release the first beta in Sept. Over the coming days, I'll talk about some of the key features in this update.

The New Layout View

Many have here it is...a new view type allowing you incredible UI flexibility and offering end-users powerful customization options. If you're familiar with our standalone Layout Control then you'll love this new native Grid View type within our VCL grid.

VCL Grid - Layout View

As you can see in the image above, the Layout View turns the limitations of a traditional row/column approach to data display within a  container control on its ears. You have total control so as to deliver a solution that specifically meets a customer's requirements.

VCL Grid - Layout View Customization

Of course, the new VCL Grid Layout View will ship with customization options - so your end-users can manipulate the UI as needed.

Learn more about the ExpressQuantumGrid - visit:


18 comment(s)
Michael Thuma

Good news

11 August, 2010
mgm / Thomas Feichtner

Looks great.

12 August, 2010
Claudio Piffer


12 August, 2010
Murat Ak

Really very good news. And I hope it replace to vertical grid.

12 August, 2010
David Rosen

Great news!

12 August, 2010
Junior Thurler

It´s good to hear that VCL comps still alive in DX. Because in the site's title bar it´s missing any reference of VCL comps...


12 August, 2010
David Le Franc

Thanks for the good news.

12 August, 2010

Great news ... !!! delphi still alive !!!

12 August, 2010
Abdi Bora Aydemir

QuantumGrid is the best!

15 August, 2010
Iskandar Achmad

Yes, feature like in .NET version.

Hope the New Grid have features to embed other Objects easily.


Iskandar A

16 August, 2010
Dave Frank

@Junior - They do mention Delphi and C++ builder at the end of their title bar. They also mention them in multiple other areas on the main page.

Glad to see some other new VCL posts today as well. I'm looking forward to the updates. :-)

18 August, 2010
Adam Russell

great idea - looks good

20 August, 2010
Tonis Argus

Looks promising. Hopefully collapsed record caption can also contain a field from collapsed record. Trademark + model for example.

21 August, 2010
Mohammed Nasman

Ray, What's about RightToLeft support.

Have you done any thing in this area?

22 August, 2010
Dany Marmur

That looks... REALLY interesting!

The image does not show if the unusable "scroll window buttons" in todays CardView will be replaced with an in-record scrollbar. This is very important usability-wise, presumably for this new view-type as well.

Furthermore, for this nice thing above to be really usable I think there should be properties to make a fixed number of records (or one and only one) show at any given moment. Navigation between cards today with scrollbars can be confusing for users, having one record/card showing they can navigate using a navigator instead and keys they think of as being used between fields could be blocked from switching records.

22 August, 2010
odair govoni

is available for download (beta)?

9 July, 2011
odair govoni

link to download beta??

9 July, 2011
Tom Miller

It has been a year.  Is this ever going to get released?

12 September, 2011

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