VCL Ribbon - ExpressBars and Backstage Views

12 August 2010

I've already mentioned that our VCL team is hard at work on the QuantumGrid Suite v7.

The good news for those using our VCL Ribbon is that ExpressBars v7 is also on the horizon and promises a number of highly requested features...among them -- Ribbon Backstage Views

Here are a few early images of how we've implemented Backstage Views in our VCL Ribbon Component.

VCL Ribbon Backstage in Black

VCL Ribbon Backstage in Blue

VCL Ribbon Backstage View in Silver

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Claudio Piffer


Very great news

Thank you very much

12 August, 2010
Iskandar Achmad

This is very nice, hope more is coming.


12 August, 2010
Manolis Perrakis

Looks really good..

What does backstage mean?

Maybe this view can stay on bottom and all other forms can be opened in front of it without having to be mdi child forms??

Maybe this can be a solution for the forms z-order (messing up) issue of Delphi 7???

13 August, 2010
Murat Ak

It is very cool. And I hope we can see a screen about docking system too.  

13 August, 2010
Bernd Heinsohn

Can you please give me some info about when Expressbars will provide support for Diamond docking zone selectors like those avaibale in Visual Studio 2008 for years ?

Will this ever be added to the product ?

Thank you !

13 August, 2010
Gerald Koeder

Great looking backstage view!

@Manolis: The backstage view was introduced in the new Office 2010 and replaced the dropdown-menu from the application-button with a full sized window.

15 August, 2010

Not very sure if this is the proper place to express my wishes (already did it with support), but again I think Express Editors is in deep need of improvement. Validation and proper display of null values would be my priorities.

20 August, 2010
Nicola Mugnato

Is ribbon merge supported in the new release?

23 August, 2010
Bob (DevExpress)


We don't plan to include this capability in the major release.

25 August, 2010

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