VCL Tab (Page) Control - The Close Button

12 August 2010

A highly requested feature for our VCL Tab (Page) control is a close button - which would hide unwanted tabs as user needs dictate.

Screenshots speak volumes, so here's how it will look.

VCL Tab Control Close Button

VCL Tab Control Close Button 

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12 August, 2010
Matthew Jones

Some very nice updates all over. Thanks all.

13 August, 2010
Perisa Zakarija

Finally! Great, thanks!

14 August, 2010
Iskandar Achmad

This another new feature that I am waiting for.



16 August, 2010
Alexander Elagin

Yes, a small but very needed feature. Thanks!

17 August, 2010
Dany Marmur

Will you also address all the shortcomings in the LayoutControls tab handling? THAT would be neat! Having chosen to go LayoutControl instead of tabpage, the miniscule keyboard handling and events provided in a tabbed group is a major setback.

22 August, 2010

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