VCL Grid v7 - Improved Excel Export

13 August 2010

Another highly requested feature - improved Excel file export options for the ExpressQuantumGrid Suite.

As you can see from the illustrations below, our new export options will allow you to ouptut image files contained within vcl grid columns to your xls file.

What You See...

VCL Grid Data with Images

Is What You Export

VCL Grid Export to Excel Image File 


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Manolis Perrakis


Will this apply to the number format also??

The number format must be the same in all exports of VCL components such as Grid, Pivot and Tree List. This is so important for those who export data to excel for further analysis...

13 August, 2010
Gerald Koeder


15 August, 2010
Iskandar Achmad

Dear Ray,

This is another good news. Hope you are planning other format like Open Document Format ?



16 August, 2010
Oussama Al Rifai

Good news... but what about Master details relationship export?

20 August, 2010
Adam Russell

looks great.  Are you going to create Excel outlines/groups to match the Grid Grouping?

20 August, 2010
Malcolm Austin

yes I agree better control of the number format is critical!

22 August, 2010
Bob (DevExpress)

Value format, ODF, master-detail, and grouping export -

We're reviewing these capabilities, but we cannot give any schedule on them, at present.

25 August, 2010
Andreas Kardin

Value format seems not to be very complicated to handle and it is absolutely mission critical.

I am in the situation that I have to write an excel export routine of my own just because the value format does not match the grid.

I agree that exporting pictures looks very nice but the number format is more useful in an everyday context.

27 October, 2011

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