VCL Ribbon - ExpressBars and the Office 2010 Look and Feel plus Mini Toolbar

16 August 2010

ExpressBars 7 will extend the look and feel options available within our Ribbon to include numerous Office 2010 styles including:

VCL Ribbon Office 2010 Aero Black

VCL Ribbon - Aero Black

VCL Ribbon Office 2010 Aero Blue

VCL Ribbon - Aero Blue

VCL Ribbon Office 2010 Aero Silver

VCL Ribbon - Aero Silver

Many of you have been requesting a mini-toolbar - ExpressBars 7 will include this option.

VCL Ribbon Office 2010 Mini Toolbar

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Bernd Heinsohn

Can you please give me some info about when Expressbars will provide support for Diamond docking zone selectors like those avaibale in Visual Studio 2008 for years ?

Will this ever be added to the product ?

Thank you !

16 August, 2010
Michael Schmidlkofer

Looks amazing. Much thanks for the Delphi love.

16 August, 2010
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


No plans for that feature at this point.

16 August, 2010
Kevin Kozlowski

Very nice Ray. Great to see the blogs on all the new functionality coming down the road.


17 August, 2010
Angus McFadzean

Is the glass extending down to the ribbon in those shots? It's pretty hard to tell with nothing in the background.

btw Bernd, zone selectors were introduced in VS2005 ;)

17 August, 2010
Bernd Heinsohn

Why don't you implement Diamond docking zone selectors ??

This is the docking zone selection mode used in VS 2008 and VS 2010 and I would like to use it in my applications.

I have no use for that Ribbon nonsense but I would really like the docking mechanism to be updated to support the Visual Studio style for docking zone selection.

Can you plese implement that for Expressbars 7 ?

Thank you.

19 August, 2010
Ed Dressel

Howdy Ray! You are still around<g>! It's been a few years. Hope all is well.

20 August, 2010
Gerald Koeder

Looks great! Is there any timeframe known when the new Bars will be available?

20 August, 2010
Dany Marmur

That mini-toolbar looks like a superuseful feature :) I hope I will be able to pop it up *anywhere* like both in LayoutControl, Editors, In-place Editors and View areas!

22 August, 2010

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