VCL - Tabbed MDI (Multiple Document Interface)

16 August 2010

In addition to the improvements in our VCL Ribbon Control to match some of the new capabilities found in Office 2010, we've extended a much requested feature to the ExpressBars Suite - Tabbed MDI Support. The following are a couple of early screenshots from the VCL team here at DevExpress....

VCL Tabbed MDI Toolbar and Menu

VCL Tabbed MDI Toolbar and Menu 

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Hi Ray,

Thanks, another great addition form the VCL team! I hope it will support images in the tabs and far and near options for the close button.

Will this require additional coding or will it work right out of the box with an existing MDI app?


16 August, 2010
Kevin Kozlowski

This will be a great enhancement for the types of projects I do. It will also be very useful to have an option to include a close button on the actual tab. Really nice to see this!


17 August, 2010
Craig Knight (Harris)

Looks good and will be very useful to us.  What sort of docking capabilities will the individual tabs have?  Will we be able to drag a tab page out?  What about "side-by-side" kind of like in Windows 7.

17 August, 2010
Matthew Jones

Oooh sweet! That solves a problem I was going to work on. TVM!

17 August, 2010
Dany Marmur

Using that, it will almost be possible to write good MDI-applications! Microsoft should thank you :)

Really, really nice to read some VCL posts! Looking forward to the release. Do you back-port fixes to v6? There are so many TBD-issues...

22 August, 2010
Bob (DevExpress)


Regarding the tab's close button and icon: the tabbed MDI interface utilizes the page control that supports this stuff. In order to get an idea of how it looks, please consider screenshots on the following page:

26 August, 2010
Dominik Schmidt

Hi @All,

are there any information when this cool feature is ready for the customers?

The tabbed MDI would fit perfect to our new application.

Greetz Dominik

13 December, 2010

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