Delphi XE and C++Builder XE - VCL Control Update Now Available

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28 September 2010

Earlier today we sent out an email announcing support for both Delphi XE and C++ Builder XE across our shipping VCL products. If you have not received the email, here's a brief summary...

Updated DevExpress VCL Controls and Libraries

  • ExpressQuantumGrid v6
  • ExpressQuantumTreeList v5
  • ExpressVerticalGrid
  • ExpressPivotGrid v2
  • ExpressScheduler v3
  • ExpressBars v6 and Docking Library
  • ExpressNavBar v2
  • ExpressEditors Library
  • ExpressSkins Library
  • ExpressSpreadSheet
  • ExpressLayout Control v2
  • ExpressPageControl
  • ExpressDBTree
  • ExpressFlowChart
  • ExpressOrgChart
  • ExpressSpellChecker v2
  • ExpressPrinting System v4

To install these updates, you will need to log into and visit our Download Manager to obtain Build 53.

To review the Build 53 VCL Controls What's New list, visit:


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Stefan Johansson
Stefan Johansson

I hope you will release a similar facelift to Flowchart as to OrgChart soon.

29 September 2010
Matthias Schlegel
Matthias Schlegel

Thank's for Build 35, thanks for Delphi 7 support and thanks for windows 2000 support...

matthias schlegel

29 September 2010

Thank you ! That's neat

29 September 2010

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