VCL - Chart View Enhancements (coming in the new version of the ExpressQuantumGrid)

Thinking Out Loud
15 October 2010

As you all know, we're hard at work on the newest version of the ExpressQuantumGrid. Among the new features we'll introduce, are enhancements to the Grid's integrated Chart View.

  • Transparency for Area diagrams (GDI+ is required for this feature)
  • Empty point handling for Area & Lines Diagrams  (Support Center Issue ID = Q100583) (use gap or zero value when drawing empty points)
  • Stacked Area Diagram (Support Center Issue ID = Q100583)

VCL Area Diagram with Transparensy and Empty Points

VCL Chart View - Empty Points - With Transparency

VCL Chart View Line Diagram with Empty Points

VCL Chart View - Line Diagram - Empty Points

VCL Chart View Stacked Area Diagram with Transparency and Empty Points

VCL Chart View - Stacked Area Diagram with Transparency and Empty Points



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4 comment(s)
Birger Jansen
Birger Jansen

Looks good. Although there is one thing I never understood: why is a charting component released as a part of a grid component? To me a chart and a grid are two complete different things. Is there a reason for this?

15 October 2010
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

A grid presents data as does a chart. We did not really want to create a separate charting product for the VCL so we chose to include it as a view...

15 October 2010

@Ray: And that was in my opinion a very good decision - just showing the ability of DX to think "outside the box" and come up with something brilliant!

17 October 2010
Iskandar Achmad
Iskandar Achmad

Oh yes.. another new feature in chart view.

Hope you guys also implemented multiple diagram type in one chart (AS16671)

that already suggested since 2007 and already in TBD.

Best Regards,

Iskandar A

18 October 2010

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