WinForms Property Grid Fixed Rows and Expressions (coming in v2010 vol 2)

15 October 2010

I've previously mentioned this in a forum post, but here is a look at 2 new features being introduced in our WinForms Property/Vertical Grid - Fixed Rows and Expression Support.

  • Fixed rows give you the ability to fix data rows in much the same way as you fix columns within our WinForms Grid.
  • Unbound expressions give you the ability to calculate row values by specifying string expressions (similar to the equivalent feature in our WInForms Grid).

Property/Vertical Grid Fixed Rows in Action

Expression Editor

WinForms Property Grid Expression Editor

6 comment(s)
Roel Vlemmings

Fixed rows is great. How about introducing that in the XtraGrid?

15 October, 2010
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Definitely should include that feature in the XtraGrid - I've wanted it for a long time...Would love to get your feedback as to how you'd use that particular feature.

15 October, 2010
Alan Taylor

I suggested this feature for XtraGrid a couple of years ago - DS45808

15 October, 2010
Saif Khan

Finally something on Winforms! Nice....yea I agree, same for XtraGrid.

15 October, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

How about the possibility to let the end-user decide what columns/rows are fixed?

15 October, 2010
sathish kumar 18

how to add multiple columns in that xtra vertical grid at runtime through by coding ?

30 October, 2010

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