WinForms Grid - the New Find Feature (coming in v2010 vol 2)

Thinking Out Loud
19 October 2010

With the upcoming release of the XtraGrid Suite, we'll introduce a new "Find" feature - a quick and easy way for your end-users to locate data displayed within the grid. Its implementation is design time, you'll specify the columns against which to filter (you can include all visible columns or restrict columns that should not be searched against). The Find feature uses the Like operator and looks something like this: "col1 like '%text%' or col2 like '%text%"

At runtime, your end users can activate the Find panel by pressing the CTRL + F key combinations (or you can enable it by default)...Once the Find Panel is visible, entering a few characters into the Find field executes the search.

A picture is worth a thousand here's an animation demonstrating the new WinForms Grid Find Feature.


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