WinForms Data Editors - Search Lookup Editor (coming in v2010 vol 2)

20 October 2010

Yesterday I previewed our upcoming WInForms Grid Find feature here.

We've incorporated this technology into a new data edtior  - the Search Lookup. As you can imagine, the control can be used on a standalone basis or as a cell editor within the XtraGrid.

Standalone Use

WinForms Search Lookup Editor

In-Cell Editor Use

WinForms Search Lookup Editor within the WinForms Grid

With this, you now have a myriad of unique ways with which to present lookup information to your end-users when using DevExpress WinForms Controls. This new control will be extremely useful to those who have large lookups and want to provide users an easy way to filter the data contained therein - it's also a culmination of our experience writing lookup controls over the last 12 year...

On a side'll be able to view the capability of this new control via the demos that ship with DXperience v2010 vol 2.

WinForms Grid New Demos

(so what is Grid Instant Feedback UI Smile )


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Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Ray: "Grid Instant Feedback UI"? DevExpress Security are so pissed: there are more leaks than water in a colander.

Cheers, Julian

20 October, 2010
Security (DevExpress)

<censored> :)

20 October, 2010
Jim Clay

Thanks guys...I think that for me this is better than the grid search you showed yesterday.  Now hurry up so I can get it incorporated into our system!

20 October, 2010
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

reckon, can't wait to sink my teeth into these awesome new controls. Been neck deep in XPO class modelling for the last 6 weeks would be great to flex my muscles on the UI again :D

Grid Instant Feedback UI (GIFUI) is when you bind data to the grid and the it analyses the data and tells you in l33t where you went horribly wrong.

20 October, 2010
Nate Laff

Has XAF been updated to do the highlight in lookup editors requiring the search? :)

20 October, 2010
Norbert Kustra

That is great! Does Search Lookup support server mode?

21 October, 2010
Milan Visek

Is SLE only simple lookup or gridlookup too? It means servermode=true? If it works transparently while user typing in editor, then it's absolutely great!

21 October, 2010
Mike Falcon (DevExpress)

Yes - we support server mode.

And it contains XtraGrid inside.

21 October, 2010
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


I am afraid that the answer is No.

XAF's lookup editor is a slightly different baby, though Mike's editor very closely resembles it. For instance, its infrastructure is built on the regular ListView, and so the editor inherits all its features. It can also contain Actions and has other unique features, which many of our XAF customers heavily rely on.

However, it is possible that we will provide a PropertyEditor based on the SearchLookUpEdit in the future.

I have recently added a corresponding feature item in our TODO list, and meantime, I have plans to update the E1101 example to provide a SearchLookUpEdit-based editor.

21 October, 2010

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