WinForms Skins - Blueprint and Dark Style - Coming Soon

16 December 2010

To those who cannot get enough Skins...A couple of new WinForms Skins/Themes are on the horizon...the first being the DevExpress Dark Style...

WinForms Skin Theme - DarkStyle

The second being the Blueprint Skin (thanks for the suggestion on this one guys)

WinForms Skins - Themes - BluePrint

I expect these skins to be ready soon and we'll make certain to include them in a minor service update.

On a side note...We can easily make derivatives of the Blueprint skin - here are a couple of prototypes:

WinForms Skins Themes Prototype

WinForms Skins Themes Prototype

 Question - would either of these Blueprint skin derivatives be of interest to you?

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Nate Laff

my customers love the dark skins, so the new dark style will be welcome. blueprint is interesting. of course if i included it, they would all switch it to that black variant.

16 December, 2010
Benjamin Allen

I would like to see BOTH of those Blueprint derivatives, please!  There is no such thing as too many skins.

16 December, 2010
Esther Lee

Here are my opinions:

Dark Style: Looks to similar to Dark Side and Office 2010 Black.

Blueprint: It's alright, the white one looks cool.

Regardless, having all variants is more than welcome.

Also.. please create a Visual studio 2010 WPF style skin!!!

16 December, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

The Dark Style is indeed too close to the existing skins. The BluePrint is interesting blueish.

Perhaps you could make a RedPrint derivative to counter the blue version.

Never enough skins, I want more skins, more, more I tell you :)

16 December, 2010
Bradley Uffner_2

I'd personally love it if there was a way to programatically apply a color tint to any skin.

16 December, 2010
Oleg Grodzevich

Please, what about WPF skins? All these new WinForms skins are good, but we are really-really-really lacking skins for WPF, specifically Office 2010 skins.

16 December, 2010
Alan Taylor

The white verion would be useful for prototyping if it had a more 'sketchy' style like Sketchflow.

17 December, 2010
Marco De Tullio

I don't like both of them, sorry. They are to monotonously. :/

btw Esther is right deliver more WPF skins !

17 December, 2010

As Benjamin Allen said: "There is no such thing as too many skins."

Now if ONLY I had the graphic design skills and the eye to create my own for my clients...

17 December, 2010
Kevin C

They look nice but:

When can we expect more themes for WPF?

Theming is one of the strengths of WPF and now there are only a few and they look allot worser then the Winform themes.

Should we really wait for 2011.1?

17 December, 2010
Andreas Lindenthal

Versions with the color green I like to see.

17 December, 2010
Garry Lowther

Looks great - what will the gallery image of these skins look like? I love the new gallery for skin choosing in 2010.2 - have already implemented them in our product.

17 December, 2010
Heiko Mueller

I like this new Styles...

Especially the new Dark Style looks very good. How about a skin that looks similar but with Light/White backgrounds and a Dark/Black ForeColor (maybe called 'Light Style')?

A descreption/tutorial about how to create such derivates would't be very nice!

17 December, 2010

The white blueprint is definitely interesting! :D

17 December, 2010

Blueprint in white is interesting to me, maybe can be used like a mockup.

17 December, 2010
Tobias Schaller

I would like to see more skins which are identical to the Microsoft ones ! Most needed is Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2008 skin...

17 December, 2010
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


Check out a tutorial on creating skins here

As far as the skin you requested - have you seen the "DevExpress" Skin - it might do the trick.

17 December, 2010
Benjamin Allen

Any way to do that without using Photoshop?  I think it would be hugely beneficial to somehow integrate that process into the existing SkinEditor so we don't need to use a seperate (and very expensive) 3rd party application.

17 December, 2010
Esther Lee

Marco, I was not encouraging WPF skins.

2010 was a great year for WPF and we WindowsForm devs suffered with the last of updates. DevExpress, PLEASE turn your focus to WinForms this year and deliver some well deserved updates.

17 December, 2010
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

It would be nice if the Skin Editor program allowed users to just "color shift" an existing skin without having to export the individual skin elements to Photoshop. For instance, it might allow for taking a primarily blue skin and changing all of the hues to green, keeping things like gradients intact.

18 December, 2010
Jim Foye


18 December, 2010
Rakesh Verma

Like I read and understood...There is no such thing as too many skins.

20 December, 2010
Robert Fuchs

Paint.NET is powerful enough now to replace Photoshop for this purpose.

Just make it happen, DX.

20 December, 2010
Karl Rostock_2

Ive got to agree with Brendon Muck [DX Squad] although the functionality is there to produce your own skins, the skin editor will of been originally created so that your UI designers can build and test the skins. It is very cumbersome but you do have quite a few standard skins, but that alone is not enough for me to renewed my subscription, there has been very little progress in the past 3 years on the skinning side of things and until it becomes less time consuming to generate unique skins myself ill just watch and see what happens, there are constant requests from many many devx customers for skins but nothing seems happen.


22 December, 2010
Daniel Hulse_1

These are nice. The "derivative" skins would be welcome as well, they would be great starting points for custom skins.

Any ETA on these?

13 January, 2011
Andy Luyten

I'm a devexpress client (winforms is my main thing) for 2 years now and you guys keep improving beyond expectations - the skinning libraries allow me to build applications which our users love to work with - the best thing that happened to me as a developer is the day I found devexpress through google :D

18 January, 2011

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