WinForms Skins - Blueprint and Dark Style - Coming Soon

Thinking Out Loud
16 December 2010

To those who cannot get enough Skins...A couple of new WinForms Skins/Themes are on the horizon...the first being the DevExpress Dark Style...

WinForms Skin Theme - DarkStyle

The second being the Blueprint Skin (thanks for the suggestion on this one guys)

WinForms Skins - Themes - BluePrint

I expect these skins to be ready soon and we'll make certain to include them in a minor service update.

On a side note...We can easily make derivatives of the Blueprint skin - here are a couple of prototypes:

WinForms Skins Themes Prototype

WinForms Skins Themes Prototype

 Question - would either of these Blueprint skin derivatives be of interest to you?

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