WinForms Controls: Multi-Touch and Tablet Support part 2

12 September 2011

A few days ago I posted a teaser video outlining some of the multi-touch enabled features of our WinForms Controls in the upcoming release of DXperience v2011 vol 2. As is usually the case, we've gotten a lot of questions...among them one from vaskess P. He asked whether the controls will actually support multi-touch vs simply touch. So vaskess P - here it is - a video made just for you.

WinForms Multi-Touch Controls 

Have fun and remember, WinForms Lives! :)


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vaskess P.

Nice, thanks!

13 September, 2011
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Since we made that video just for you, make sure you let the rest of the world know :-) and send me an email once you do so I can get you some DevExpress swag :-)

13 September, 2011
Robert Fuchs

Nice that the DX boss is a Winforms fan boy like me ;-)

13 September, 2011
Christopher Todd

Yes, it is nice! Thanks for keeping it alive! :)

13 September, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Robert, let's convert him to XAF;-)

13 September, 2011
Robert Fuchs

> @Robert, let's convert him to XAF;-)


Not a XAF fan, Ray???

16 September, 2011
Marco Vicard

Redesign the combobox for the Touch, please. So I'm not comfortable.

17 September, 2011
Marco Vicard

With a Control "Panorama Panel" , for the Touch, could emulate the style Metro. And this should be simple enough to create it

17 September, 2011
Jeffrey Hanna

I want to know if can we use the WinForm Control with MonoTouch to development of IOS apps?

10 November, 2011
Mathieu Savage

I also want to know if we can use this on MonoTouch and MonoDroid. Thanks!

15 December, 2011

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