The New Name for our WinForms Skin (help me decide)

21 September 2011

Thank you for your awesome feedback on new names for our Metro-like skin. Here are the 3 that we love...

  • Metropolis
  • Chromeless
  • Clarity

Now it's your turn...

Since I've never really done anything with social media and since everyone in the office calls me an old man for being so late to the party, I figured I'd entice you to vote for your favorite name and in turn show all my co-workers that I'm on top of this social media thing....

I've got a copy of the English version of Visual Studio Universal here on my desk:

Visual Studio Ultimate 

Tweet your favorite name using the #DevExpressSkin hash tag in a creative manner. We'll track it and go with the highest vote getter. From all these #DevExpressSkin tweets I will pick my favorite "and most creative" tweet (and send over this shiny new box of Visual Studio to that person). It will be subjective and I can only pick one person (so please don't be offended if I do not pick your tweet). Here are some samples of what you can write.....


Tweet about your favorite skin now!

Here's hoping I get more than a handful of tweets out of this  :) 

19 comment(s)
Christopher Todd

Sorry, tweeting is for the birds. Here is my vote.


22 September, 2011
Jirka Rostek

my vote is:


22 September, 2011
Chris Royle


22 September, 2011

Mine is "Metropolitan"

22 September, 2011
Cristian Tempestini


22 September, 2011
Antonio De Donatis


22 September, 2011
Garry Lowther


22 September, 2011
Joost Verdaasdonk (CeneSam)

For me the skin reminds me of the remote assistance application TeamViewer

So TeamViewer :)

22 September, 2011
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

I don't have Twitter, but I like "Metropolis".

22 September, 2011
Fırat Esmer

Metropolis <-

22 September, 2011
Dusan Pupis

I vote for 'Clarity'.

'Metropolis' is a great name, but it really doesn't represent the visual style of this skin.

22 September, 2011
Peter Thorpe

I think I was the first person to suggest Metropolis on the other post. Petty the copy of VS isn't coming to me :-(

Lots of superman related tweets from the looks of it already.

22 September, 2011
Miro Nagy

I also dont tweet.

I vote for Clarity,

Just cause metropolis seems like some old buildings and chromless reminds me off google chrome.

I am an IE guy.

22 September, 2011
du songyi

Metropolis :)

22 September, 2011
du songyi

Metropolis :)

22 September, 2011
Robert Fuchs


22 September, 2011

There all good names. However, I think that Clarity comes closest to the actual visual style of the skin.

24 September, 2011
Sven-Olav Paavel

First impression quotes -- Metropolis.

25 September, 2011
Callon Campbell


26 September, 2011

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