ASP.NET Outlook Style Demo Application

27 September 2011

In the next release, we'll be providing all of our ASP.NET users with a few new demo applications - among them will be a new Outlook Style Web Client. Hopefully you'll be able to use and or extend the capabilities of these applications in your next project...Here are a few screenshots of this app...(I'd give you a link to the actual demos, but we still have a bit of work remaining).

ASP.NET Outlook Style Email Client

ASP.NET Outlook Style Scheduler Client 

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Mansoor Razzaq

You know whats coming next right?


28 September, 2011
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

This looks so incredible!

Please give us the link to the demo!

28 September, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Mansoor, wait a bit please, it is already around the corner;-)

28 September, 2011
Melissa Giang

Looks great. Would be eagerly waiting for it.

29 September, 2011
John Phillips

Looks great! When is the release date?

30 September, 2011
Jeysson Paiva

Wow \o/

When it goes out?

30 October, 2011

Well done DevExpress!!! At last!!!

Please provide MVC  version as well?

13 November, 2011
chirag shah 6

where is the code for

12 April, 2015

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