Silverlight Report Designer and End-User Report Wizard (coming in v2011 vol 2)

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27 September 2011

With the upcoming release of DXperience v2011 vol 2, XtraReports for Silverlight will feature a new WYSIWYG End-User Report Designer for in-browser report editing.

Silverlight End-User Report Designer 

The report designer will allow your users to:

  • Edit static content.
  • Re-position controls via drag & drop.
  • Change control size using the mouse.

In addition to the WYSISWYG Report Designer, v2011 vol 2 will ship with a new Silverlight Report Wizard...allowing your end-users to create new reports using a straightforward wizard interface.

Silverlight Report Wizard

Here are a few screenshots of the Silverlight Report Wizard in action...Obviously, one of the steps involves selection of the Table or View to use as the basis of the Silverlight Report...

Silverlight Report Select Table or View

Users must then choose the columns to display within the report. 

Silverlight Reports Select Columns 

They'll then move to creating the groups...

Silverlight Report Wizard Create Groups

Choose the appropriate Report Layout

Silverlight Report Wizard Layout

And after the Report's Style and  Title is specified, they'll be able to render the Report within the browser ...

Silverlight Report in the Browser 



4 comment(s)
James Zhong
James Zhong

This will be helpful for XAF Web UI, if it will include Silverlight technology later.

27 September, 2011
Robert Fuchs
Robert Fuchs

> ... selection of the Table or View to use as the basis of the Silverlight Report...

What about XPO?

27 September, 2011

Is there anything to help with filtering or sorting?

28 September, 2011
Nate Laff
Nate Laff

I like the resdesign of the report wizard, hoping that has been applied to winforms, too. Make that thing look less like Access 95 :)

28 September, 2011

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