WinForms Picture Edit Enhancements (coming in v2011 vol 2)

27 September 2011

This release of DXperience v2011 vol 2 will include minor additions to our WinForms Picture Edit control.

Scrolling Large Images - this new feature allows you to activate scrollbars within the Picture Edit and or enable image scrolling via mouse drag:

WinForms Picture Image Edit Scrollbars

Zooming Large Images - this new feature allows you to zoom into and out of an image via the CTRL+Mouse Wheel shortcut or the context menu:  

WinForms Picture Image Edit Zoom 




3 comment(s)
Sigurd Decroos


Perhaps you could add the 'zoom to' as a hover control at the bottom of the picture? this would be very intuitive for the users and a lot easier to adjust.

27 September, 2011
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

Two features that I definitely need!

27 September, 2011
Welliton Toledo

A possibility of resize/crop/rotate the image would be very usefull.

27 September, 2011

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