ASP.NET CheckBox List Control (coming in v2011 vol 2)

29 September 2011

There are only so many things you can do on a flight…my favorite being to sleep.  Before I pass out on my way to NYC for our Mixer, here’s one more new DevExpress control for ASP.NET.

One of the objectives of our ASP.NET team in this release cycle was to develop a few “real-world” demos…among them an Outlook Style Web Mail Client.

Even though we had previously implemented multi-select via checkboxes in the ASPxListBox, during development of these demo applications, it became evident that we needed to create a new Control - the ASP.NET CheckBox List Control.

Similar to our ASPxRadioButtonList, this new control uses check boxes instead of radio buttons and like the ASPxRadioButonList, it supports RepeatLayout (Table or Flow), RepeatDirection (Horizontal, Vertical), and can arrange items across multiple columns (RepeatColumns).

ASP.NET CheckBox List


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Brien King

Really?  You just now realized it?  It was only requested 4 years ago.

There are quite a few other things that are Accpeted-TBD that have been that way for years.  It would be nice if DevExpress would start doing more "Real-World" demos so we could get more of the controls and features we need.

29 September, 2011
Robert Monteath-Wilson

Excellent News! What is the release date?

29 September, 2011
Boris Bosnjak

These "real world demos" are proving to be of significant benefit to us customers ;)  It appears trying to recreate real world apps is helping DevEx understand what's missing in an already rich feature set.

29 September, 2011
Shawn Oles (Strata)

Looks cool.   Will this work with MVC Framework as well ?

30 September, 2011
Stuart Duncan


Will this have any built-in options for validation like min/max number of checked items?

30 September, 2011


30 September, 2011
masud taheri

IS righttoleft support

30 September, 2011
Christopher Todd

Great news! Good job! Please keep the good news coming! Plenty of TBD's out there still waiting to see daylight.

30 September, 2011
Mike (DevExpress Support)

@Shawn Oles:

Yes, CheckBoxList is available as the MVC Extension.

@Stuart Duncan:

CheckBoxList will offer a similar functionality as ASPxListBox for manipulating selected items. It will be possible to implement multiple validation algorithms via few lines of code.

@Masud Taheri:

Yes, the RTL mode is also supported.

3 October, 2011
Steven Rasmussen

First off... I LOVE DevExpress!!!  That being said, when I read this post I felt like Brien King.  Really?!@#$  It took DevExpress to try and create a 'real world app' to finally decide that what someone proposed 4 years ago, and many others tracked and wanted, was worth the probably day or two of developer time to make?

This is what frustrates me sometimes.  There are a LOT of suggestions in the support center that with a little bit of time, would make a HUGE difference to us as everyday developers of 'real world apps'.

Anyway, I guess I echo what Brien said:  Please continue to make lots of real world apps so that you can run into the same issues that we run into so that you can realize that our suggestions have merit so that you will finally implement that 'Accepted-TBD' item that's been sitting in support center for 4 years now :)

5 October, 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Brien and Steve,

First, I love your passion for our ASP.NET product line and DevExpress! Thank you.

The RWA did help us but we were also aware that customers really wanted this control. In the past releases, other priorities had kept us from being able to implement it. With 11.2, we had the opportunity to bring this control to market. And I'm looking forward to see how you use it within your websites. :)

And if there are other suggestions that you'd like DevExpress ASP.NET product line then please let me know by sending me an email here:

Thanks again.

6 October, 2011
burki uslu

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12 October, 2011

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