WinForms Map Control and WinForms Sparkline Control

06 February 2013

In the upcoming release of our WinForms Subscription (13.1), our charting team is going to introduce a couple of new controls...I'd be curious to hear your thoughts and learn how these tools might fit your current development plans.

WinForms Map Control - features will be much like those found in our WPF Map Control (read more here:

WinForms Sparkline Control - There have been numerous requests for this control. We'll deliver a standalone control which can be used independently and within containers such as the XtraGrid and as a report control within the XtraReports Suite. Here is an example of what a sparkline can look like when used within a grid.


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Mark Bissett 2

Winforms Map Control - can this render MapInfo Tab files?

If yes then this is a game changer for me as I can finally drop an expensive 3rd party mapping control...

6 February, 2013
Thomas Zettl

I think this will be very welcome additions to the WinForms platform !

7 February, 2013

Sounds good, however, will it be able to render Google Maps? Or is it stuck with only Bing maps?

7 February, 2013
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Hi Mark - there is an article in support center about MapInfo Tab files. I appreciate how important it is to you, but the functionality of the WinForms Map Control will be like its WPF counterpart.

7 February, 2013
Kendall Miller

We're quite keen to get a map control we can use to show different geographic distributions of information - like how many users there are by continent, country, state..  So this is great!

7 February, 2013
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

renejdm - there are certain licensing issues with Google...unfortunately, they are not the easiest bunch to deal with. Our Map can support google's map'd have to use a custom map data provider.

8 February, 2013
Mark Bissett 2

Hi Ray - I saw that article. Hopefully when you get  a chance you can add MapInfo Tab files to both versions.

8 February, 2013
John Fedak

We have immediate need for both of these.

Good to see DevEx working on *components* vs. the Wizard/Solution stuff that comprised most of 12.2

8 February, 2013
Tomas M.

Sounds like a miracle. Thank you for supporting WinForm. I hope that more news are coming.

12 February, 2013
Mark Bissett 2

Will we be able to plot points polygons and polylines using drawing tools with the control?

16 February, 2013
Mark Couvaras

Yet again DevExpress deliver tools that many didn't think was easily possible with Winforms. Without doubt the best .Net tool set out there:)

14 May, 2013

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