New WinForms Office Inspired Themes

03 July 2013

Wanted to share two of our upcoming themes for WinForms - Office Dark Gray and Office Light Gray - with you. We expect to release these new themes in an upcoming minor update.

Let me know what you think....which of these themes are you most likely to use ?


WinForms Office 2013 Dark Gray Theme

WinForms Office 2013 Dark Gray Theme


WinForms Office 2013 Light Gray Theme

WinForms Office 2013 Light Gray Theme


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Stefan Koell

Awesome, guys! Looking forward to get them ;)

Keep on rocking!

3 July, 2013
Cyber Sinh

Light gray looks great! What about WPF themes?

3 July, 2013
Patrick Sollberger

The "Dark Gray Theme" is what i most probably will switch to.

3 July, 2013
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Cyber - yes, of course, we'll add it to WPF as well. We dont have it ready yet, but we certainly will.

3 July, 2013
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Thanks for the feedback Patrick. What theme are you using currently?

3 July, 2013
Patrick Selzle

Really love the new skins but why are you using SimpleButtons (and EditorButtons) with gradients? This does not really match the current Office 2013 style.

And please: It would be so great if we could use different accent colors instead of fixed blue/black ones. Otherwise we could not achieve a application suite color scheme like office does (powerpoint is red, excel is green, ...) - and thats exactly what we plan to have.

3 July, 2013
Nate Laff

Looking good! I use Office 2013 (White I guess?) by default for my app, so these are nice additions.

Will the Office 2010 skins now be demoted to Bonus Skins? I liked that reorg you did where everything moved down and only the most recent stayed in the main assembly. So... I think they should.

Will we also get the Touch skin that was mentioned in the 13.1 release notes that didn't make the cut?

3 July, 2013

Themes - any themes, are great, more options for our users.  In my opinion the Visual Studio 2012 DARK theme has really been a hit, I have taken to it now, it may be something to pursue for a theme idea.

3 July, 2013
Tim Lajaunie

Personally, the Light Gray would be my choice.  In our production software, though, we allow end-users to choose between all available Office themes.  For that reasons, it would be great to see both make it in the minor update!

While we're on the topic, are there any plans to support the various ribbon colors in the Office 2013 line of themes?  It's a great option for the Office 2010 line, and we're sort of partial to green.  :)

Thanks for the continuously added value, DevExpress!

3 July, 2013
Robert Fuchs

All caps - can that be changed?

3 July, 2013
Christopher Todd

The themes are great! I like the Office 2013 theme, but the fact that it is all white is the major drawback. We use readonly A LOT, and it impossible to determine editable from readonly. I reserve disabled for special cases, so using disabled instead of readonly is out of the question. I would like to see more variations of this theme. Blue, Brown, etc. I use the Brown/Tan theme for VS 2012 and it is pretty easy on the eyes. Thanks for the heads up!

3 July, 2013
Jean-Baptiste Pinalie

The "WinForms Office 2013 Light Gray Theme" looks really good.

I am right now testing the WinForm package of DevExpress and was expecting to try a 2013 style for WinForm. But after applying the Office 2013 skin, the "Office 2013" skin, the borders of the WinForm are still "Windows 7 style".

No version of the 2013 style borders as shown on the screenshots of this blogpost are implemented right now in DevExpress ?


4 July, 2013
Lukasz Borzecki

Finally ;) The toolbars could have a theme like in the new vs.

4 July, 2013
Jwu xu

I of course let my customers choose their colors.  Me personally...I prefer traditional contrast and color vs. low-contrast and 50 shades of gray and hardly-visible borders around containers.  I like the Office 2010 colors and I'm not embarassed to continue to use it.

As a characteristic I enjoy seeing in a person is when they aren't embarassed to continue with something they like even though it's older, or arguably "out of style", or not the latest trend.

Most all of my customers are trying hard to run away from a monochrome/low-contrast look, even though most of the world is trying hard to flock to it.

5 July, 2013
Sigurd Decroos

I like them, but as said above, readonly fields aren't visible in these themes. My customers complain a lot about this. Perhaps for the next update...

7 August, 2013
Mat Grunert

Did anything happen here about the read-only visibility of fields?

9 January, 2014
Thierry Knijff

Great! I hope the issues with the office 2013 theme mentioned in will also be fixed :)

I'm looking forward to the new major version!

18 March, 2014

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