WinForms Data Grid: A New Windows Inspired Explorer View

15 October 2013

The next major version (v13.2) of our WinForms Subscription will include our newest View Type for the XtraGrid: the Explorer View.

Inspired by Windows, this new View will allow you to present information within our WinForms Grid using multiple icon views including:

  • ExtraLarge
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • List
  • Tiles
  • Content View

The Explorer View will support checkboxes, multiple record selection and inplace editing. Data Grouping (for one level) and sorting will also be included as View options.

Here are a few screenshots demonstrating this view in action...Let me know your thoughts and what you think of this new capability.

WinForms Data Grid Explorer View: Large Icons

 As you can see in all of these images, data is grouped by guitar type.

WinForms Data Grid Explorer View: Tiles

In the following image, we show the multi-selection capability of the Explorer View and record selection via checkboxes.

WinForms Data Grid Explorer View: Medium Icons


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Geert Depickere

A nice addition to the already feature packed grid control!

I was wondering, of the views you list, what view we are seeing in each of the screenshots. To be more specific: is there a screenshot that shows the "Tiles and content" view? If not, would that be like the existing "Card View" extended with 1 level of grouping?

15 October, 2013
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


The view itself is a single view and within that view, you can display different sized icons. Ex Large, Large, medium, etc.

Tiles is the second image - I did not post a Content view - that is like a list view.

15 October, 2013
Simon Hewitt

Looks good!

More screenshots please!

16 October, 2013
Geert Depickere

Now I see it...

the type of view is spelled out in the header... in a large font... don't know how I could have missed that :-)

16 October, 2013
Henning Scharsach

wow, great news, I've really been waiting for an explorer-like view!

Can I show more fields next to the image in tile view? And what does the content view look like???

great work guys ...

16 October, 2013
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Glad to have delivered it for you Henning.

How many fields do you want to show for tile view. It's a tile view, not a grid view :-)

Content View - think of it like a list view.

17 October, 2013
Michael Strunk

Guten Tag, eine super Idee gefällt mir sehr gut!!

18 October, 2013
Uwe Keim

Very cool. Took only seven years ;-)

I hope this works all very well, too with larger fonts (I'm using a skin with somewhat larger fonts).

14 November, 2013
Rick Mathers

This is awesome, I have been waiting for this one.  Is it possible to drop a watermark logo behind the items in the grid?

14 November, 2013
sagar kaur

what about wpf ?

17 November, 2013
Bismark Atta Frimpong


I have added a GridControl to a WindowsForm and have changed the view type to WindowsExplorer and then to List. Now I have connected it to a DataSource using MSSQL Server but then when I run the application I cannot see the data in the list. Why this please?

16 May, 2014

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