WinForms Data Grid: A New Windows Inspired Explorer View

Thinking Out Loud
15 October 2013

The next major version (v13.2) of our WinForms Subscription will include our newest View Type for the XtraGrid: the Explorer View.

Inspired by Windows, this new View will allow you to present information within our WinForms Grid using multiple icon views including:

  • ExtraLarge
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • List
  • Tiles
  • Content View

The Explorer View will support checkboxes, multiple record selection and inplace editing. Data Grouping (for one level) and sorting will also be included as View options.

Here are a few screenshots demonstrating this view in action...Let me know your thoughts and what you think of this new capability.

WinForms Data Grid Explorer View: Large Icons

 As you can see in all of these images, data is grouped by guitar type.

WinForms Data Grid Explorer View: Tiles

In the following image, we show the multi-selection capability of the Explorer View and record selection via checkboxes.

WinForms Data Grid Explorer View: Medium Icons


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